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Two Hole Crammers
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Two Hole Crammers

(Review Updated: 11/29/2007) (Reviewed: 06/11/2007)
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 Two Hole Crammers Preview
Some people believe that if it ain't broke you don't fix it. Others, like the ones featured on this site, clearly think it's best to break things wide open to see if they can be improved upon no matter how they have been functioning so far. The chicks on Two Hole Crammers get double-barrel boned in High-Def!

Two Hole Crammers Porn Review
Two Hole Crammers Free Preview
Two Hole Crammers Review
The concept of the site is very simple. Two Hole Crammers went out and got top quality film gear and used high definition 1280x1024 video to show you some of the nastiest double penetration action you have ever seen. Go ahead and watch it full screen or on your high def television, it doesn't blur at all... this site brings you DPs like you have never seen them before - unless you were in on one of them personally!

This site is still relatively new and is building it's archives at a pace of about one new update every week, sometimes two updates are available. Also, you get full access to all of the Included Sites listed on the right side of this review with your monthly membership and each of those sites updates week as well. That means network wide your cock will be getting plenty of brand new pussy stretching porn in glorious HD 1280x1024 formats that any pervert would want to keep in their own permanent DP collection!

The one drawback to this site is that it really does require a broadband connection. If you have DSL, Cablemodem or a FIOS connection the file sizes are not a problem, but dialup users will find the large HD files take while to get with a 56K modem. If you are on dialup you should either switch to a broadband line or find a site more suitable to your download options.

The tour of Two Hole Crammers does a nice job showing off the kind of action you can see inside and once you look at the difference between their HD ass fucking and pussy pounding by comparing some of their video trailers to other sites you'll be ready to signup and start cramming some holes in HD as well!

The $1.00 trial is a limited trial that only allows a few downloads before it expires. To be honest it isn't worth it. If you want access to this site signup for the full month and get your money's worth, the Two Hole Crammers trial really isn't much better than the trailer videos they offer on their tour.

Two Hole Crammers Summary
Stretching out a woman by sharing her twat and asshole with her husband or one of your own pals is a great way to see what she can really do. It's a lot like getting into a new sports car and flooring the gas pedal to find out exactly what the limits are on its performance. Two Hole Crammers helps you analyze the multi-input possibilities of many pornstars by showing them to you on DP duty in rich high definition detail!
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The Tongue says 'DP Action At Its clearest, sharpest and sexiest resolution'


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Two Hole Crammers89
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Porn Niches: DP, Exclusive, Group Sex, HD
Membership: $29.74 Monthly
Preview: 3 Days for $1.00
Cross Sales:
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DRM: Not Used
Fresh Porn: Weekly
Download: Unlimited
Dial-Up: HighSpeed Only
Adult Pics: Up To 1000
Porn Videos: 16
Video Size: 1,280 X 1,024
HD Porn
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