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Creamed Feet
This little piggy went to market... and while she was there she bathed in a huge wad of man sauce before wiggling herself all the way home!Creamed Feet

Videobox is like having a video store inside your computer. They offer thousands of full length DvDs for the lowest price you will find anywhere and if you have not seem them before it is an excellent service for your money.Videobox

My Asian Massage
How many times have you gone into a massage parlor hoping to get a happy ending only to find out the girls are all prudes and the most they will do is rub your back? You are finally in luck, these Asian sweeties know that customer is always right!My Asian Massage

Housewife 1on1
She moved in a few weeks ago and you have had your eye on her ever since. After banging the rest of the sexy bitches in your neighborhood this sexy new housewife is your new prime target and she doesn't have any clue how charming you are when you want to be.Housewife 1on1

Feet Pumpers
Adorable ankles, tantalizing toes, sexy shins and awe inspiring arches... these are the things that any foot worshiper's dreams are filled with. Now, Feet Pumpers lets your dreams take shape on your screen with the assistance of superior high-def sex scenes that are crystal clear enough for you to feel like you are working in a shoe store!Feet Pumpers

Slutty Squirters
When it rains it pours... but visibility has always become a problem in the middle of the storm. Not any more! Slutty Squirters squeeze out tsunamis of vaginal fluids and yet every last drip is digitally recorded in jaw dropping 1280x700 super high-def. This site will have you wishing you brought a fucking umbrella!Slutty Squirters

Latin Adultery
She got married way too young... you got married to a woman who became a fucking monster right after the ring slid passed her knuckle. That's when your vows quickly became "As soon as she goes to work I'm gonna have my hot Latina neighbor meet me on the back porch for a quick suck and fuck!" That's Latin Adultery...Latin Adultery

American Daydreams
You look out the window too tired to get out of bed just yet... and she pops into your mind. The bartender, the stewardess, the teacher, the student, the nanny, the cop, the nurse - let the prettiest pornstars perform for you in each and every one of the American Daydreams that you can think of!American Daydreams

SoCal Coeds
Southern California is a hotbed for teen talent. Plenty of universities populate the map and the girls who get recruited into them are some of the finest minds in America. Fortunately, they are also some of the tightest pink pussies as well! Have a look at these adorable SoCal Coeds and try to go varsity on their asses!SoCal Coeds

Naughty Bookworms
Forget the cheerleaders and the drama queens. What you have your eye on is the sweet, shy teen in the front of the classroom. The one who always raises her hand... and the way her bra-strap twists as her shoulder flexes. She isn't so shy once you get to know her - especially once her panties come off! Their all Naughty Bookworms!Naughty Bookworms

My Sister's Hot Friend
When you're young, having a sister can be a real pain in the ass... but when you get to be in your late teens, a sister is nothing more than a recruiter for hot teen friends who visit her room. Isn't it convenient that her room is so close to yours when your sister leaves for a while and her hot friend wanders over to ask what you've been up to?!My Sister

My Naughty Latin Maid
She dusts when the place needs it, she cleans the toilets and mops your floors. Why shouldn't she also polish your knob when it needs a cleaning! She doesn't speak English fluently, but her hot body and even hotter libido speak the universal language... the language of "I'll trade sex for money if you ask me nicely!" My Naughty Latin Maid is your sexual fantasy!My Naughty Latin Maid

My First Sex Teacher
Hot for teacher?! My First Sex Teacher wielded her chalk with a firm hand, she taught you everything you needed to know about the subject of the class... but did you spend some extra time with her in her office getting tutored? Check out these tenured tarts and see if they'll let you give them eight inches of extra credit!My First Sex Teacher

Big Tits At Work
You get called up to an office you have never been in before. As soon as you get off the elevator to make your delivery you see her perfect rack in that tight receptionist outfit. You put on your best charm, get a date set for that night and spend the weekend with your face buried in her cleavage!Big Tits At Work

Busty And Real
Over 100 exclusive scenes starring all natural gals with huge sets of tits that prove genetics are still the most important part of porn whore creation. This is just one of the sites included with your Big Boob Pass access and while it no longer updates, it still has a nice big archive of scene and comes with access to a lot of other sites that update weekly!Busty And Real

If she robbed a bank you would never be able to give a good description to the police.You aren't even sure if she had a face. All you can remember about any of these girls is the nice big racks they have and how badly you wanted to reach out and grab them in the palm of your hands!BustyZ

Jizz On My Jugs
One part of the Big Boob Pass Network, JizzOnMyJugs brings you sixty exclusive scenes starring gals with plump racks earning cumshots from men who love to spray those jugs with every drop of jizz they can summon!Jizz On My Jugs

Jug Fuckers
This is a bonus site included in a large BigBoobPass Network. It no longer updates but the rest of the network is still updating and the archives of this site still include 138 exclusive clips!Jug Fuckers

Mommy Got Boobs
What's the point of her being a MILF if she doesn't have the kind of mammary goodness to nourish your cock's creative cravings? Get these mommas while they are still full of pride... and before they start to sag!Mommy Got Boobs

Latina Abuse
There are plenty of proud Latinas in the world who speak up for themselves and have high self-esteem. Women of class and character. This site is not about any of those women! LatinaAbuse features sexy hispanic whores who are willing trade some of their dignity for a fast paycheck.Latina Abuse

Tracy Trix is a nineteen year old who is more quirky and skanky than beautiful in the normal sense of the word. She will never be a supermodel, she's a bit too filthy for that. This is her brand new official website and it's part of a much larger network which brings plenty of content for your cock to watch!TracyTrix

Meet Nicole Brazzle. She's everything you have ever heard about a true southern belle and then some. She says she loves great men, great food and great sex. Not exactly in that specific order. At just 5'3", 120 pounds and 23 years of age, this southern girl is taking the web by storm. She has long dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes and an all natural rack to be proud of.NicoleBrazzleXXX

Hands On Hardcore
Hands On Hardcore is a high-def site devoted to making sure its members are kept happy right from the first moment they sign-up. Huge exclusive magazine quality picture collections, a gigantic archive of videos filmed in HD 720p and all the class and glamor that you would expect from a master craftsman like photographer Denys Defrancesco!Hands On Hardcore

Pervert Paradise
Pervert Paradise is the long awaited directorial debut of long time industry stuntcock Steve Holmes. The site features the kind of balls to the wall hardcore action you would expect to come from an industry veteran like him and the filthy folks at the Meatmembers network. Pervert Paradise

House Of Taboo
House of Taboo features kinky acts of sexual perversion from a glamor angle. This is high definition, top quality studio camera work featuring more than 25,000 pictures and 190 HD videos of gorgeous fetish models in sensual roleplay. There may be more hardcore fetish sites on the web but you will not be able to find a more stylish or higher definition bondage site anywhere.House Of Taboo

Princess Lissa
There are lots of solo girl sites on the web these days and many of them start to blend together in your mind because the girls are so similar. One blonde looks like another and they all offer the same kinds of content. Well, here comes Princess Lissa - a 5'3" 245 pound chubber that will have you smiling from the moment you meet her. Warm, charming and so damn sexy... this big girl brings it in every scene!Princess Lissa

BBW Zine
BBW Zine is pictures only bonus site that is included as part of the BBWPornPass Network. The site features glamorous big girls getting photographed as plus size models to enhance the overall experience of the network itself. By itself this site would not be worth the asking price but as part of the multi-site network it is a welcome free addition included with every member's access.BBW Zine

Sex Search
Sex Search really is the adult dating site that you have been waiting for. eHarmony is great for guys who want to get married to some whiny bitch who sees them as little more than a wallet. Sex Search is for men who want to find real nasty women that think sucking your dick on the first date is what personal ads should be all about.Sex Search

Ugly Whores
You may have gotten the idea that every girl who wants to be a pornstar is a beautiful model with a pretty face and a sexy body. Wow, you sure did get the wrong idea! So, what happens to the hundreds of Ugly Whores who other studios refuse to film? They end up on this site getting naked and fucked so you can download them for a good laugh. Go ahead, laugh at them... it will help you to avoid having your stomach start to dry-heave instead!Ugly Whores

Coeds Need Cash
Coeds Need Cash is one of the best named sites in the adult industry. It's simple, it's straight to the point and as the videos on the site clearly demonstrate - they really do need some cash very badly. Best of all, these young coeds are willing to earn tuition and book money by trading their bodies for a few bucks!Coeds Need Cash

The Hardcore Network
The Hardcore Network is a massive collection of 19 websites all on one membership. TheTongue has reviewed some of the individual sites already and will have reviews completed for the other sites in the near future. This review is meant to keep track of the huge size and extraordinary features of the entire network as a whole! With 691 total videos and over 30,000 high-res pictures, The Hardcore Network is quickly becoming one of the world's largest exclusive sites.The Hardcore Network

AfriHoes is the black beauty section of TheHardcoreNetwork's online offerings. Featuring some of the best known black babes in the porn business, AfriHoes shows these ebony pornstars to you like you have never seen them before - in ultra-clear 1440 x 1080 resolution so sharp that your dick will feel like it is inches away from their sweet chocolate holes!AfriHoes

Attack My Ass
What happens when superstars of the porn industry are offered cash to spread their ass cheeks? These sexy sluts start screaming Attack My Ass! All thoughts of health and safety fade in their minds and the only thing that matters to them is the all mighty dollar. Are they doing it just for the money? Of Course they are! Does your dick care why they are letting it see their buttholes get banged? Hell no!Attack My Ass

Chicks Fucking Chicks
Chicks Fucking Chicks is a bonus site offered by The Hardcore Network to make sure members get plenty of pussy eating action starring the most famous pornstars in the world today. The site will be adding exclusive content as well in the near future, but even as it is now, the collection of whores squirming between each other's thighs on this site is well worth downloading!Chicks Fucking Chicks

Chopstick Sluts
In the mood to order in some Oriental for the evening? These Chopstick Sluts want nothing more than a big load of your best duck-sauce! This site will soon be adding high-def exclusive content but for now it is excellent DVD quality all Asian action included in your membership to The Hardcore Network!Chopstick Sluts

Cum Is Good
Gorgeous girls do all they can on this website to prove that they really believe Cum Is Good! These pornstars get sloppy as they suck and fuck for food! Every scene ends with an eager whore gulping down goo like it was the antidote to everything bad in their world... because it is!Cum Is Good

Nasty Raw Sex
Nasty Raw Sex is a very simple concept and yet so many porn companies manage to screw it up. This site features high class whores and superstars of the porn business getting fucked. It may not be complicated, but with big names like Monica Mayhem and Taylor Rain being boned on screen it doesn't need to be!Nasty Raw Sex

Only The Biggest
Only The Biggest is the big tit section of The Hardcore Network and provides members with big tits perfect for nuzzling your face between, tit-fucking them, squeezing or sucking on nipples all night! Featuring some of the top pornstars with the biggest tits, their huge breasts are put to the test in every scene! Take the tour and get a grip on the gorgeous racks of these top-heavy honeys!Only The Biggest

Please Be Gentle
Every pornstar has a 'first scene' somewhere. Please Be Gentle is a website devoted to finding the earliest performances by top name starlets. To do this they offer a great combination of older movies where current pornstars first went on camera and new movies of brand new amateurs who may one day become pornstars down the road. It's like a huge collection of porn rookie cards waiting for you to pick out your favorites!Please Be Gentle

I Spy Cameltoe
I Spy Cameltoe is a site featuring exclusive movies of plump vaginas puffing out around the edges of the panties they are wrapped in. The kind of cameltoe that catches your eye when you are out on the street and notice the mound of her pink pussy meat pressed up against the inside of her pants, making your cock want to climb out and break-dance!I Spy Cameltoe

Blind Date Bangers
Blind Date Bangers brings you the same kind of sexy first dates as the television shows but unlike Blind Date, 3rd Wheel and some MTV dating shows... this one lets you see what happens when two contestants really hit it off! Sucking, fucking and a fresh reality format - it makes for a site worth checking out.Blind Date Bangers

Tawnee Stone
Tawnee Stone is another fantastic teen model on the Lightspeed network. Her petite body and playful personality really shine through on this sensational softcore site. At 19 years of age she is so sweet, so innocent and yet so alluring... take the tour and see for yourself!Tawnee Stone

Lightspeed Sorority
Panty Raid anyone?! Gather a few friends, scout out the dorm situation and head out on campus to the hottest Sorority House of them all! Lightspeed Sorority offers you dozens of supersexy teens teasing and pleasing each other in a series of initiation rituals aimed at showing them how to behave and showing you what your dick needs to see for it to launch monster cumshots at these teen sweethearts!Lightspeed Sorority

XXX Raimi
xxx Raimi is a rare redheaded teen model who recently joined the Lightspeed Network. She goes a bit farther than the other Lightspeed girls because, like most daring young redheads... Raimi is not afraid to take risks in the bedroom or in front of the camera!XXX Raimi

Taylor Little
Taylor Little is a long legged brunette with a beautiful smile and truly bodacious breasts. She bangs boyz and toys, licks chicks and dicks... and if you want to see her then her official website is the only place you can do it. This is one of the better solo girl sites The Tongue has tasted anywhere on the net!Taylor Little

Reel 18
Love to watch Britney and Paris and Lindsey in the news? Reel 18 magazine has the same kind of young, hot vixens for you to look at and these girls don't bother playing hard to get! They know their hot, they know they have a lot to offer... but they agree with you that hiding it is just a big waste of youth and beauty. Get your own subscription and enjoy each new edition!Reel 18

Britney Lightspeed
Britney Lightspeed is one of the newest Lightspeed girls. At 5'1 and nineteen years of age, her petite package is beaming with energy and brimming with sensual aggression. Let this little party girl introduce you to all of her female friends and show you what goes on while you were out at work or busy with your own gal.Britney Lightspeed

Faith Lightspeed
When you get your hands on a girl like Faith Lightspeed the first thing that comes to mind is don't squeeze too tightly! This is a fragile flower who needs a strong older man to show her all that life has to offer... starting with the bedroom! Her site is mostly solo and softcore girl/girl action but you can tell from the look in her eye that it won't be long before she starts letting older men fuck her deep and dirty!Faith Lightspeed

See Her Squirt
Some of the best known babes in the porn business show up on a site devoted to having them reach mind-tingling orgasms complete with a shower of vaginal proof as each of them squirts for the camera. See Her Squirt is one part of a HUGE network of included content, so put on a rain coat... grab an umbrella and check out the soaking wet snatch action!See Her Squirt

Big Dicks Little Asians
Fresh amateur Asians showing off in hot exclusive sucky fucky scenes as their huge-cock costars tap their holes deep and often! If you want to see new whoreiental mouths, pussies and assholes being pounded, then take a look at Big Dicks Little Asians and watch men shove oversized dicks into undersized vagina!Big Dicks Little Asians

Black Cocks Tiny Teens
Black Cocks Tiny Teens features young innocent 18 and nineteen year old petite treats getting their holes busted out by big black homeboyz whose cocks are like jackhammers doing major damage to the elasticity of every young vagina and tight asshole they are lined up to break into!Black Cocks Tiny Teens

Big Tit Patrol
Go out on Big Tit Patrol as part of the ride-along program with big tit inspectors who gather gorgeous top-heavy honeys and take the time to get to know them better. The first part of any good patrol work is getting to know the people in the neighborhood as you walk the beat... just be thankful you've been assigned to work in pornstar row!Big Tit Patrol

Horny Spanish Flies
We've all heard about some mystical potion that people refer to as Spanish Fly making women lose their inhibitions and go wild for the closest cock they can find. Well, this site proves it isn't the potion that matters... it's the women! All of these young putas are Horny Spanish Flies and they don't need any supplements to get them ready to buzz around the bulge in your pants!Horny Spanish Flies

Tori Stone
The Lightspeed network of amateur solo girl websites has 30 premium young starlets already included within it but Tori Stone is a very special new addition! Tori is the younger sister of Lightspeed model Tawnee Stone! She saw how much fun Tawnee was having and she decided to give it a try for herself. You get fill access to both with your monthly membership!Tori Stone

Dana Lightspeed
Your newest teen toy on the Lightspeed network of sites is sexy brunette fitness model Dana Lightspeed! Get your hands on her young tight body and grind your hips against hers as you embrace and begin a passionate interlude you are both sure to remember for a long time to come!Dana Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed
Ashley Lightspeed is the smallest of the lightspeed girls. Her petite body gives you a whole new set of possibilities any time you are alone with her. So easy to lift, to bend or to use in whatever way comes to mind. If you want some flexible fun with a fantastic teen model, Ashley is well worth looking into.Ashley Lightspeed

Rachel 18
Cheerleaders are no longer the property of jocks and rich older men exclusively. Rachel 18 finally has her own website and fans of high-kicking team spirit girls can now get their hands all over their own coed cutie any time they need a little pep-rally of their own. Check out her site and get your own hands on her pom-poms!Rachel 18

Cum Filled Panties
The Lightspeed Network has made the leap from solo girl teen sites to a compilation of Cum Filled Panties pics and videos on this exciting new addition. The site has a small archive of its own at the moment but the included network access will keep your cock very busy while they have time to build up the content on this offering a bit more.Cum Filled Panties

Brandy Didder
These teasing 18er is also a cock-pleaser! Brandy Didder has been trying to launch her own site for a while but she didn't have the programming skills needed to make that dream happen. Then her friend Taylor Little introduced her to the Lightspeed studio and it didn't take long for a deal to get done after that. Her site is still small, but with the huge network access you get along with it there is plenty to keep your cock entertained!Brandy Didder

Heather Lightspeed
Young teen party girls crowd into a circle on the floor so they can form themselves into the hottest five girl daisy-chain your eyes have ever seen! Want to see five sweet teen starlets lick each other's hairless pussies? Heather Lightspeed can't wait to show you that all girl orgy action and a whole lot more!Heather Lightspeed

Courtney Lightspeed
Courtney Lightspeed is a bonus site on the Lightspeed network. Her site in particular doesn't contain any exclusive videos but since she has appeared with other girls on the rest of the network they made a site to feature her photo shoots for her as well. If you sign-up it's because you are getting access to the whole network, not to just this one website.Courtney Lightspeed

Ronni Tuscadero
Ronni Tuscadero is a sassy teen with a lot of confidence in her personality and her body. Most new teen models are shy and slow to get comfortable in front of the camera but Ronni is different, for her it's all a game and the fun is in trying to tease your senses until you can't take any more! This is not a filthy hardcore site but for softcore teaser fans the Lightspeed network may be the best thing going!Ronni Tuscadero

Stacy Bride
Stacy Bride is now part of the Lightspeed pride of sites. When you join her exclusive solo girl site you also get access to the other girls on the network. Most of the content is softcore, but for teen sweethearts this is the place to get the most bang for your porn buck!Stacy Bride

Little Troublemaker
She looks all cute and innocent, like the sweet young girl who gets straight "A"s and does charity work on the weekends. Don't be fooled! Behind that adorable smile and those doll clothes is the deviant mind of a Little Troublemaker! This is a naughty solo starlet who needs someone to help teach her a lesson about playing nicely. Are you the man for that task?Little Troublemaker

Terry Lightspeed
The Lightspeed network featured 31 sites that members can access when they join. Terry Lightspeed is one of the more hardcore sites of the bunch. It features a slightly older nude model and her experience is what she uses to compete with the youth of the other gals on the web ring. If you like fitness model MILFs then Terry deserves a chance to please you!Terry Lightspeed

Mandy Lightspeed
If you have ever gone to a rock concert and notice some hot chick getting waived backstage by one of the roadies from the front row only to wonder what it would be like to sit there waiting for her to be brought to you - then Mandy Lightspeed is a site you are going to love. Mandy is the kind of rocker groupie that every new band has in mind when they record their first demo and dream of banging teen fans two at a time on the tour bus. Check her out and live the dream!Mandy Lightspeed

Sweet Devon
A sexy teen redhead like Sweet Devon doesn't come along every day and when one does show up the lightspeed network is super-fast to swoop in and snap her up as a new solo girl for their membership web ring of sites. Perhaps the speed with which they grab all the best young talent is where the network gets its name from!Sweet Devon

Gigi Lightspeed
One of the newest additions to the lightspeed teen network of solo sites is Gigi Lightspeed, a sassy brunette sweetheart who loves to show off for the camera alone or with all of her gal pals in scenes that range from softcore modeling to bicurious galbangs with several teen twats taking each other on for the first time anywhere!Gigi Lightspeed

Lacey White
Lacey White was a friend of some of the other girls on the lightspeed network of sites. When she started showing up to help them out by giving them a strap-on fuck from time to time, she didn't want to do her own site but she agreed to let lightspeed collect her photoshoots into her own section of the network members area. This is more like bonus content than a full site.Lacey White

Nikki Grinds
Nikki Grinds is like your best friend's sister. She has the kind of sense of humor that makes her more comfortable hanging out with boys than she ever was with girls... but she also has an appetite for sex more like a guy than a gal. She loves talking girls into bed and when she gets them there she likes to play a little rougher than most of the lightspeed babes are used to!Nikki Grinds

Evitas Playhouse
Evitas Playhouse was one of the very first lightspeed sites on the network and it features sexy blonde amateur Evita masturbating for the camera. Plenty of pics and some videos as well from back in the day when Evita was still getting it on in front of her fans.Evitas Playhouse

Barefoot Maniacs
If you are in the mood for some sexy foot fetish action once in a while but don't like the idea of being restricted to just one type of smut Barefoot Maniacs is the perfect mix of focused foot fetish action and wider network website appeal. You get plenty of toe-tingling sex on this site and over 25 other sites as well featuring everything from teen lesbians to MILFs and more!Barefoot Maniacs

Female POV
Ever wonder what the ladies see when you get busy with them? Female POV brings you a differnt take on all the sexy action from a porn studio than most other sites because it's all filmed from the perspective of the female star. For the first time ever you get to see what she sees and know what she is thinking while you do her!Female POV

Glossy Angels
The porn magazine format is finally going digital. Glossy Angels brings you nude models in amazing 2000x1200 magazine quality pictorials that you can look at online, turn into slideshows or download and print out as part of your own scrapbook collection. The videos are not as good as the pics and the site is only softcore action, but for pictorial loving perverts it's a new way to enjoy their fantasy models.Glossy Angels

18 Years Old
18 Years Old gives you exactly what the name promises. Sweet, adorable eighteen year old pornstar wannabees who are all too happy to enjoy their time being chased around by our boyz in an obvious game of hard to get. The best news is when they finally give in, these adorable sweethearts get as nasty as any teen fuck-friend you ever had a date with!18 Years Old

Giants Black Meat White Treat
Giant's Black Meat White Treat is a somewhat confusing name because you can't be sure if they mean his eleven inch black dick is a treat for these white ladies or if these white ladies are a treat for his huge black dick to enjoy. Either way, it's a huge treat for viewers. Watch these lovely ladies struggle on Giant's dong!Giants Black Meat White Treat

Mr Chews Asian Beaver
From Hong Kong to your dong, these sexy Asian love dolls are in a hurry to spend some time with you! It's all exclusive content you have not seen anywhere else and Mr Chews Asian Beaver is world famous for two things... the sake they serve you and the whoreiental pussies that service you.Mr Chews Asian Beaver

Manga Erotica
Manga Erotica is an authentic manga website published by people who are truly intimate with the art form. Along with some excellent manga content they also provide network access to several other sites as well. Manga Erotica

Smoking Mina
Smoking Mina is the solo site of a mature brunette who loves to have sex and loves to smoke cigarettes. Lucky for you she doesn't do one before the other... this smoking hot slut does both at the same fucking time! In every video and picture set she has a cock in one hand and a smoke in the other, or fingers in her snatch and a lit cigarette in her mouth. You'll love when she plays ring-toss by sucking cock and throwing smoke-rings around her costar's rod!Smoking Mina

Finding high quality preggo sites is hard to do, especially a solo girl site... because she can't stay pregnant forever. Still, in the small amount of content that Talia from Lactalia provides, there are some quality videos and pics worth watching. The site updates every week or two (mostly with new pictures) but also includes several other sites in the network which offsets the small size of video archives.LacTalia

Spunky Teens
Spunky Teens is a site produced in Denmark and it features lovely Euro teens getting themselves into hardcore action for the first time! These curious little cuties are about to learn what it takes to satisfy a man. Seeing these sweethearts get that start is fun, seeing them get spunked is even better!Spunky Teens

College Teens Book Bang
Going to college doesn't make a person smarter or better than someone who didn't go to college.... but it does give you access to hot teen whores who are there for a lot more than a degree in teaching. These College Teens Book Bang starlets are coeds who give a whole new meaning to studying hard!College Teens Book Bang

3D Fuck Sluts
3D Fuck Sluts is a different kind of porn site. It features 51 3D picture sets that each show you several 3D renderings of Anime characters in 900x900 resolution. The site also provides 4 animated 3D videos and plenty of bonus feeds. The price is high for the small amount of content offered but given some time to grow it may become a good choice for perverts who enjoy 3D toon excitement.3D Fuck Sluts

24 Inches Of Pain
24 Inches Of Pain brings you some hardcore interracial action starring two well hung homeboyz who assault the holes of white bitches in heat. The site name comes from the fact that the dicks shoved into these chicks are 13 and 11 inches respectively. Combined, that's a full 24 inches of meat for these petites to struggle with as they accept it deep in their dumpers, twats and mouths!24 Inches Of Pain

18 Only Girls
18 Only Girls is a site that updates every week with a brand new 18 year old amateur model performing for the first time on camera anywhere! It's a studio based in Europe and the chicks they get are not the standard skanks that American studios often settle for too often. The videos are all filmed in HD and these girls are gorgeous!18 Only Girls

Asses In Public
Have you ever been walking down the street and spotted a super-hot chick flashing in public or caught a couple gettin' their fuck on outside somewhere? Asses In Public is all about the public display of affection and willingness of some porn professionals to go out and meet men on the street at work or hangin' outside for a little show and tell. The voyeur action is so damn sexy and every scene ends with a public sex session right outside!Asses In Public

Real Teens Kissing
You just gotta love hardcore whores who love to make out and suck face with other lesbo chicks. Real Teens Kissing showcases some of the hottest lipstick lesbians to ever show face on the Net. You're gonna love seeing these horny chicks kiss and lick more than just each other's top pair of lips!Real Teens Kissing

Swallow For Cash
There are lots of ways for a slut to earn some extra money if she's willing to use her dignity as collateral. Swallow For Cash combines a slut's desire to blow big dicks while watching their bank accounts grow. After all, even whores need to eat, you know!Swallow For Cash

Posh Wife
Posh Wife promises a look into the lifestyle of some very sexy British housewives. The site actually provides about a dozen short movie clips (some without sound) and several picture sets. The good news is that the material is exclusive, the bad news is that the quality of the content is low and the updates are infrequent. If you really want to see amateur models from the UK it may be worth a look but overall the site still needs work. Posh Wife

Sapphic Angels
Sapphic Angels is a site that offers a network of smaller exclusive sites in a single all-inclusive members area. All totaled it works out to 107 exclusive high-def updates with both video and photo sets for you to enjoy. They fill-out their collection even more with a huge amount of non-exclusive bonus feeds. The original movies on the site are excellent and make it hard to pass up even though Sapphic Angels is priced higher than many of its competitors.Sapphic Angels

BBW Superstars
BBW Superstars is the flagship site of an entire network devoted to big beautiful women and the men who are lucky enough to bang them! Featuring 36 exclusive all original movies starring the biggest brand name superstars of the plumper porn niche, this is one site that every chubby chaser should at least take a look at!BBW Superstars

Teeny Bopper Club
Teeny Bopper Club is a site that features adorable eighteen and nineteen year old chicks who are looking for an older man to be their SugarDaddy for a day. You may have to chat with them about a bunch of boring stuff first, but when their clothes come off and you get to test-drive their tight teen bodies, your dick will agree it was well worth the effort!Teeny Bopper Club

All Reality Pass
All Reality Pass is actually a full access pass to a large network of networks. When you total up all the movies from this collection of reality based porn programming, you get a staggering 1,626 exclusive movies for your monthly membership. Unlike many other DVD sites, this one is all exclusive content!All Reality Pass

Fucked Up Facials
Fucked Up Facials mixes the reality of having sexy pornstars getting nice sticky facials with the fantasy of having a cock that can pump a quart of cum all over their smiling faces! When you see these messy blasts you won't know whether you should laugh or shoot a load... so yer probably best off doing both!Fucked Up Facials

Fucked Up Handjobs
Be careful when you unzip around these sassy chicks. This is not some easy cum, easy go handjob site. You'll know she's in charge when she grabs on tight! Fucked Up Handjobs is all about the wild attitude some women take when they finally get the upper hand in your sex life. Watch what they can do when they get firm hold on you!Fucked Up Handjobs

MILFs In Heat
You might think that once a gal gets past her 22nd birthday she fades away but the fact is most women don't even reach their sexual prime until they are twenty-six or older! That's when these sexy mature women become MILFs In Heat, on the prowl for younger men who they can savage in bed with their rare combination of beauty, sexual experience and take-charge attitude!MILFs In Heat

Amber At Home
You leave the house in the morning and go to work all day... but you are smiling the whole time because you've got Amber At Home waiting for you. Every time you walk in through the door, Amber has some new way planned for you to use her as your own personal whore! This horny housewife is fun to fuck because she appreciates how lucky she is to have a man like you!Amber At Home

This is the flagship site of the studio launched by Rachel Aziani of the Busty Rachel solo girl website. With glamour pictorials and high-def video shoots of some of adult entertainment's prettiest models - this Babe site brings beauty and hardcore together with sexually supercharged results! Aziani

Pimp My Black Teen
Out on the street in any urban area you'll find a lot of potential pussy but not a whole lot of sexy fly-girls that you'd want to fuck. Pimp My Black Teen sends a pitcrew of stylists into the ghetto so they can fix up a skanky amateur and turn her into a hardcore starlet. Once the transformation is complete... they take her for a ride... on the couch!Pimp My Black Teen

Echoe Matthews
Echoe Matthews is a sexy southern redhead with her own official solo site. If you take the tour and she turns you on, keep in mind this is the only place you will find her. She does softcore solo videos and lots of nude modeling, but it's her webcam shows and personal touch that keeps her members happy.Echoe Matthews

Round Mound Of Ass
Big booty begging to be squeezed and tight cheeks spread wide to be pleased. Round Mound Of Ass is more of a challenge than a smut site. Can you be surrounded by all these bangin' bottoms and hold out long enough to give them the deep anal orgasm they are hoping for? There's only one way to find out!Round Mound Of Ass

Kitty Karsen
Kitty Karsen is a very cute blonde teen with her own official site. She performs in 74 videos and many picture sets. She also does a couple cam shows live each week as well! Overall it's a nice site with a pretty starlet, but the site is expensive for what it offers and it has a lot of advertisements for other sites throughout the members area.Kitty Karsen

Women Of Playboy
Women Of Playboy features 49 exclusive updates starring the most sensual and sexually seductive women in the world. Since the 1953 the Playboy brand has signified beauty, eroticism and an elegance unmatched by any other men's magazines. This site translates that magic and brings it all to you digitally on the internet! With pictorials and original videos that will leave your libido in awe!Women Of Playboy

Vegas Sex Party
Vegas Sex Party promises members voyeur access to the hottest sex parties Las Vegas has ever seen. Unfortunately it does not deliver anything close to what it promises. The site has 21 nonexclusive videos and some pictures inside it that have little or nothing to do with Vegas.Vegas Sex Party

Pure 18
Pure 18 provides you with teen sweethearts from junior colleges around the country, and some who never made it to college at all. What they do have in common is they are all super-cute 18 and sexy. They had their IDs checked a dozen times and no, they are not nineteen or twenty. These teens are as sweet as it gets; and they're all filmed in DVD quality hardcore action!Pure 18

Round And Brown
An exclusive ebony sex site that gives you over 150 booties to feast your eyes on. Every one of them is dark, thick and waitin' fo' yo' dick! These are babes whose men dumped them and now they are on the rebound in DVD quality at Round And Brown!Round And Brown

We Live Together
Nicole and Britney were college friends who got out of school and decided to become roommates in Miami. It didn't take long for these two super-cute blondes to discover they liked each other as more than just friends. Now, on We Live Together, they have their own exclusive porn site where they invite lots of lesbian friends to visit them for all kinds of kinky hardcore action... and it's all filmed for you in DVD quality weekly updates!We Live Together

Euro Sex Parties
Like an International House of Fucking, these Euro Sex Parties bring in Babes from all over Europe for group sex sessions that test their limits and the cultural diversity of their origins. Which Country has the sexiest cunts to offer? Only a sex party series like this one can really put that question... and these filthy whores... to the test!Euro Sex Parties

Monster Curves
Monster Curves brings you Babes with some meat on their bones, and some meat in their holes. These are curvy cuties with nice juicy booties and big stacked racks of tits for you to squeeze. Tired of bony teens? Sink your dick into these thick porn queens!Monster Curves

Big Tits Boss
With exclusive DVD quality videos starring sexy big tit beauties dressed to the nines in an office setting, Big Tits Boss brings you all the excitement of working for a top heavy honey who signs your paycheck and knows exactly what kind of a bonus your dick has been hoping to get!Big Tits Boss

Panties AND Fannies
Panties And Fannies is a site dedicated to the amazing sensation any man feels the first time he slips his fingers into an new girl's waistband and helps peel off her skin-tight panties to reveal the supple skin of their smooth tight fannies. Get a good grip on these great asses and try not to get too excited by the moist spots on their panties!Panties AND Fannies

2Lips Cams
2Lips Cams is a small webcam site that currently has 15 models, with three or four online at any given moment. Most of the models charge $3.49 per minute to do live shows. Having a small number of models available at a high price per minute makes this an unlikely choice for perverts interested in live cam shows when compared to other sites reviewed on The Tongue. The site is growing and also offers Gold Membership paid access to some non-exclusive video feeds so hopefully it will continue to improve.2Lips Cams

XXX Proposal
Chances are your girlfriend has had plenty of hot sweaty sex with lots of guys before you ever met. And that's fine, since now you’re the only one tapping her hot ass every night. But if you ever imagined what it would be like to see her get fucked by another dude, and you want to get paid for it, then the XXX Proposal just might be right for you!XXX Proposal

Tiny Gwen
Tiny Gwen is a perky petite soloist with her own official website featuring thousands of softcore solo pictures and 24 exclusive video updates that are about 5 minutes each. If spunky dark haired teasers are what makes you smile and you want an energetic sweetheart to spend your time with this month then Gwen is a heck of a gal for you!Tiny Gwen

Gag The Bitch
Sometimes you want a girl who is cute and smiling at you, one who whispers loving words and romantically glides her lips along the shaft of your shlong. During those times, find a site that respects women. The rest of the time, take this free preview and see what happens when extreme hardcore German models have their faces fucked.... because sometimes, ya just want to stuff your dick in her throat and Gag The Bitch!Gag The Bitch

Ebony Internal
Sticky chocolate cookies and cream filled girls named Candy are what Ebony Internal is really all about! Every exclusive scenes brings you a dark sensual diva devouring her man's cock with her mouth before letting him line it up with her other holes so he can bust a but and pump her full of his rich wholesome seed. It ain't over 'til they leak it all back out while you watch! Best of all, members of The Tongue who buy through our free preview get a big discount on the price!Ebony Internal

Escort Trick
Anyone who has ever considered hiring an escort has also thought about the ways in which things could go horribly wrong as she rips you off. What makes this site exciting is the fact that these guys figure out ways to get the upper hands by setting up their own Escort Trick!Escort Trick

Net MovieZ
A mega-movie site offering one new DVDs every day and already featuring 80+ non-exclusive DVDs of quality porn content and adding a brand new one every day. Net MovieZ is not the biggest DVD site on the market but it may well be the cheapest. For under 9 bucks a month you get access to thousands of dollars of porn movie content in an easy to use interface that allows you to download it, stream it online or even add it to your own Ipod! Net MovieZ

Thai Chix
If you like Asian dragonladies and have seen plenty from Japan, China and Korea already... then take a virtual trip to Thailand and feast your eyes on the hottest hardcore Thai Chix that country has to offer. It's like the travel channel for your cock, and by the time you log off and come back home you'll be smiling and exhausted!Thai Chix

JAV HQ is your Headquarters for Japanese AV Movies online. The site does not provide exclusive content but it has some rare AV titles with sought after Asian sex goddesses in hardcore action you won't find elsewhere. These are pretty Asian dolls with petite natural bodies and naughty erotic desires. Take the free preview, it does a great job of showing you what you can expect inside.JAV HQ

Orgy Sex Parties
You get invited to a party at a friend's house and you figure it's gonna be another kegger with lots of guys and only a few chicks around. Instead, when you arrive you walk into a real surprise! These are Orgy Sex Parties and the chicks who get invited blow a lot more than party favors!Orgy Sex Parties

She Got Pimped
She may not be the prettiest fly-girl you ever seen out on the street, but once she gets pimped by these fashion designers and make-up artists you'll want to get some of that ass! She Got Pimped brings pornstar make-overs to your screen in 1068x600 widescreen HD and there ain't nothin' wrong with that!She Got Pimped

Teens For Cash
They would not normally consider letting men twice their age fuck them but they need money for school and rent so these Teens For Cash sell the only thing that they have which is worth much.... their dignity! Watch as sweet young coeds are seduced by old men with some extra cash on hand. It's amazing what a pretty girl will do for a few bucks!Teens For Cash

Big Cock Sex
Buxom Babes with big tits and blonde hair fit the stereotype of what many men want. Well-hung homeboyz with huge cocks fit the template of most females' fantasies. Those patterns develop of a reason and Big Cock Sex is a site that seeks to show you they are all based at least partly in cold hard facts. Watch curvy whores get pounded out by big thick dicks!Big Cock Sex

MILF Seeker
In them mood for some mature female companionship? Go out on the prowl with the MILF Seeker and find the finest looking MILFs and Cougars on the streets of California, New York, Florida, Arizona and the rest of the world! With 250+ exclusive scenes it's a thirty-something thrill ride that your cock won't soon forget!MILF Seeker

Sex Movies On Pod
If you like watching porn from different places and are looking for the newest wave of nerd smut, Sex Movies On Pod gives you real adult films already encoded to work correctly on your ipod, iphone or other hand-held mobile pervert device of choice. A few simple downloads and you'll always have top shelf pussy in your pocket!Sex Movies On Pod

Squirt Hunter
Lots of women claim they can squirt if you fuck them the right way. Usually they are lying just to make you try harder when you bone them. The Squirt Hunter goes out in search of real squirters so he can film them spraying their orgasmic juices all over the room and show lying bitches what real squirt porn is all about!Squirt Hunter

Pornstar Classics
Before gonzo was the name of the game, there was a golden age of porn where household names like Ginger Lynn, Linda Lovelace, and Ron Jeremy made their sexy marks. At Pornstar Classics, seasoned porn surfers can go down memory lane while watching the best hardcore porn that came from the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. And newer porn junkies can take a look back and see how differently porn was produced back then. It's not necessarily better or worse, but it sure was a lot different!Pornstar Classics

899 Movies
899 Movies is a massive DVD collection from more than 80 porn studios at a bargain price. With almost 13,000 scenes available already from hundreds of discs, this is a site that will keep you busy with new content every day of the week. Take the Free Preview and see for yourself how much bang of the buck this giant DVD compilation site gives you. The tour is the same as the members area so you get to see what's inside even before you join!899 Movies

Adult Movie Club
Adult Movie Club is an part of the growing adult DVD download site market. Offering 8,000+ scenes for $29.95 is great but not spectacular. What really makes this site shine is the $4.95 3 day trial because it has NO download limit!! That's a hell of a lot of porn and a long weekend of entertainment for less than five bucks!Adult Movie Club

Paparazzi Filth Exposed
Heard about famous celebrity sex tapes but never know where to find all of them? Check out Paparazzi Filth Exposed and get a great view of how all these famous people fuck. Hollywoods stars in hardcore action that will show you one thing is for certain... the camera definitely loves them!Paparazzi Filth Exposed

Xcrib brings you white Babes getting their mouths, pussies and asses banged out by homeboys from the 'hood. If hardcore interracial action is your thing and you want a cheap way to get some... this site is an excellent option. The content is not exclusive so you may have seen some of it on a DVD somewhere else, but for 25 bucks a month, black cock in white holes videos ain't never been no easier to get!Xcrib

Badoink is a unique site that offers you the access of a huge members area paysite but comes complete with its own software as well. Having a more robust interface allows you to use the content more easily, especially for things like burning porn to your own DVDs for viewing on an HD television. You can watch the scenes on your computer normally, but if burning smut to disc is your goal then this site is a great choice. If you just want to see people fuck, this site is a little more work than some others.Badoink

Amateur Canada
Amateur Canada has a name that speaks for itself. Take a trip to the North and see what all the local ladies have to offer. In real amateur scenes starring hockey fans of all kinds, watch as they go from teaser videos to full hardcore suck and fuck films in exclusive never before seen smut!Amateur Canada

Amateur Pie
Amateur Pie features some very sexy fresh faces who have never been seen on the web before this site found them and filmed them. These are hardcore suck and fuck porn movies with shy girls who are trying to decide if a career in adult videos should become their destiny. The fun part is that they are deciding on a dick by dick basis!Amateur Pie

Anal Valley
If you ever make your way out to California, there is a place just outside of Hollywood that many refer to as Porn Valley. That's where all the girls who failed at becoming famous end up... with no television show or movie studio contract. The ones will to get ass fucked for a living are the ones who end up on the Anal Valley website. Enjoy!Anal Valley

Cartoon 69
Cartoon 69 is like a lot of the Anime and Hentai sites starting to pop-up all over the internet. There just isn't a lot of good cartoon sex material available and this site has a lot of stuff you can see on other sites as well. Hopefully one day it will grow to become the real powerhouse fans have been searching for online.Cartoon 69

Cyberfolds Web
Cyberfolds Web promises to provide you with thousands of videos featuring sexy models, centerfold performers and more. The big drawback is that the content isn't exclusive, doesn't come in the highest quality and what could have been a great porn site winds up being average at best...Cyberfolds Web

Girls Get Crazy
Girls Get Crazy is a knockoff of a very popular DVD film set that has gotten a lot of publicity lately. It's amateur teens in public scenes showing off for the cameras at college parties and other locations. If that sort of kiss and tell theme gets your motor going then the hardcore sex and Free Preview is definitely worth a closer look.Girls Get Crazy

India Chix
With so many porn paysites on the web you might think you can find any kind of girl just by doing a quick search. The fact is, some are much more rare than others and Middle Eastern sluts are the hardest of all to find. Egypt, Jordan, Syria and the rest of the Middle East produces some of the sexiest Arabian beauties but only niche catalogs like India Chix has them for you. Beige beauties from all over Arabia, out to India and Pakistan and even some Americans with mixed heritages can be found inside! India Chix

Just Facials
Here's a site that hits the target with a splattering shot dead-center! Just Facials catches gorgeous women right between the eyes as guys get off creaming their cute faces with so much spunk you'll think their nutz have been working overtime! These are sticky sluts and every one of them gets a face full of goo!Just Facials

Large Girls XXX
For a while now the Big Beautiful Women on porn sites have all been treated as amateurs. What Large Girls XXX does different is it seeks to move toward a more professional tone with plus-size chubbers who are interested in making adult films into their long term careers. It's an exciting step in the evolution of big gal porn!Large Girls XXX

Lesbo Erotica
Tired of seeing women getting it on in front of a bunch of horny guys as they do all the film work? What makes Lesbo Erotica different is that the people making this site are female. The boss, the camera crew... right down to the caterer... it's all gals and they bring a different POV to girl on girl action!Lesbo Erotica

Movie Access
Movie Access is like a lot of nonexclusive massive porn movie compilation sites on the web these days but it has some serious problems competing with the others. For one thing, the site is nearly $40 a month (double some of its competitors) and for another it doesn't allow you to download the movies... only to watch them online!Movie Access

My Sex Tour
My Sex Tour is a reality porn site starring a couple Euro studs who visit many countries in the European Union to text out the SER (sperm exchange rate) between their cocks and the horny whores of Europe. It's exciting smut and the porn movies they make with real amateur sluts are the backbone of a pretty damn good website too.My Sex Tour

Porno Ground
Porno Ground is like a virtual adult playground where you can find a huge archive of sex videos and porn pictures in a poorly designed interface. The site calls itself 'the webs largest dumpster of smut' which gives you a good idea how big it is fortunately and also how disorganized it is unfortunately.Porno Ground

See Asians
When you close your eyes after a long day at work and you want to have a really amazing dream you might start searching deep in your psyche to find that one special fantasy you rely on to raise your spirits and bring a smile to your face. During those moments, if you See Asians - this is the site you've been looking for all along!See Asians

Titty Max
Forget all the B-cups, C-cups and D-cups out there. Compared to these stacked Titty Max girls, those other gals are all flat-chested nobodies! With huge breasts big enough for them to lick and suck, or soft enough for your to squeeze and fuck... it's a boob lover's paradise!Titty Max

Virgin Teen Lesbians
They get together for slumber parties, they brush each other's hair and talk about the boyz in their classes. Then when they start to feel frisky... that's when one young lesbian girl seduces the other and you get to watch as Virgin Teen Lesbians fuck each other on camera for the first time ever!Virgin Teen Lesbians

Fucked Panties
Fucked Panties is actually a better site than the tour makes it seem. It's one of those smaller budget amateur studio sites that spends all of its time and money on making good porn instead of making the interface look nice. Inside there are 50 videos that play well in full screen mode. The movie lengths vary from short clips to long scenes. The best part is they offer a 3 day *unlimited download* trial so for less than fifteen bucks you can fully entertained for a whole weekend!Fucked Panties

Maniac Pass
Maniac Pass is a differnt kind of porn site. Instead of choosing between large DVD collection sites and smaller more exclusive independent porn sites, members of this new breed of porn site get access to both a large DVD archive and a large network of porn sites as well. It's a lot of fucking and sucking, updated every day for less than one dollar a day!Maniac Pass

Devils Film
Devils Film is a name that any pervert with a DVD player or VCR knows and trusts. For more than fifteen years this studio has been pumping out top quality porn through video-stores everywhere. Now, with a massive official website and a powerful network of quality sites to go along with their huge library of quality porn films, Devils enters the digital era with a big, wet BANG!Devils Film

Big Fat Creampie
If BBW porn is one of your desires and you also have a fetish for seeing women creampied on camera, Big Fat Creampie is the combo site that will blow your mind! Sexy plus-size models are the featured hotties and this one of a kind offering gives you Big Beautiful Women stuffed full from internal cumshots until they overflow with love!Big Fat Creampie

Beach Model
These aren't hardcore whores who need to suck and fuck for quick cash, these are true model quality talents who go a little further and naughtier than what you normally might see in a magazine swimsuit edition. If sexy half-naked sweethearts and beautiful vacation beaches gives you peace of mind and a bulge in your pants then Beach Model is the place to take your next exotic erotic trip!Beach Model

Polish Big Boobs
Sexy big tit whores from Warsaw step in front of the camera and show off their gigantic tits for your viewing pleasure. These aren't just big tits, they aren't just local Polish girls. These are Polish Big Boobs and they're all begging for you to squeeze them! There are many videos on the site but the best part of it may well be the thousands of exclusive photo sets you can download quickly as .zip files. If you have a dial-up modem connection this site is perfect!Polish Big Boobs

Fucked And Bound
Nothing makes a real submissive smile more genuinely than a knowing look from her master as he reminds her of her responsibilities and teaches her new ways to please him. Fucked And Bound focuses on the power-exchange between Doms and subs with a keen sense of what is genuine and real. This is not some Hollywood site full of fake acting, this is the real BDSM deal!Fucked And Bound

White Ghetto
White Ghetto films is another amazing porn production company that stopped distributing after the DVD business stopped booming. Now, they have partnered with an amazing online studio and all of their movies are exclusively available on the web for the first and only time anywhere. If you liked them back in the day, you can now own all 500+ scenes for less than 15 bucks a month and you get access to all the Included Sites listed as well. It's a hell of a deal!White Ghetto

Silverstone DVD
Back in the DVD days, Silverstone was one of the most popular production companies in the world - with award winning porn series like Pick-Up Lines and Peeping Toms. Now all of those movies can be yours along with full access to all of the Included Sites listed on the right side of this review. Even better, The Tongue has arranged a discount price for you of only $14.95 per if you join through the free preview on this page!Silverstone DVD

Motherfucker XXX
These MILFs are smokin' hot mature women with sexual needs during their prime horny years. Lets not forget... they are also someone's mom. The kinky side of joining a site like MotherFucker XXX is that you are getting the chance to bang someone's mom ... and that makes it even nastier!Motherfucker XXX

Gorgeous gushing pornstars get together on this squirting site and reach bigger, wetter, juicier orgasms than you have ever seen them having on any other sites. These whores have learned to squirt when they cum and now every orgasm is a huge wave of pussy juice filmed in studio quality porn movies starring the wettest pornstars ever filmed. Check out the Squirtalicious free preview... but don't forget to bring a towel!Squirtalicious

I Swallow Peter North
Legendary stuntcock Peter North now has his own official website which you get access to along with all the other Included Sites on the right side of this review. I Swallow Peter North is a niche site for anyone who loves to see beautiful women trying to choke-down massive amount of cum. These are monster cumshots and these whores drink them or nearly drowned trying!I Swallow Peter North

Georgias Peach
Georgias Peach is the official home of self-made porn star Georgia Peach. You may have seen her on other sites or DVD titles getting double-teamed by well-hung black men, but even that can not have adequately prepared you for what goes on in her own official members area! This is one of the few porn whores who runs her entire site from top to bottom... and fans of Georgia Peach know... she prefers the bottom!Georgias Peach

18 Close Up
18 Close Up gathers the hottest teen girls from all over Europe and shows them to you in close-up viewing angles as they rub their clits, fuck their twats and jam toys deep into their fresh pink pussies. If you like real orgasms and vaginal contractions you are going to love this solo masturbation website. What makes the site unique is that they offer three different pricing plans for three different resolutions... so you only pay for the porn you plan to watch!18 Close Up

Kscans is a Euro porn site that specializes in kinky fetish videos starring solo gals or sometimes two starlets at a time doing all kinds of nasty things together. The interface of the site is annoying and filled with ads for other purchases, the movies are sliced into 50+ two minute clips each... but if you are on dialup or if you really want some rare solo fetish videos then K Scans is worth checking out.Kscans

Wanted List VOD
Wanted List VOD claims to be a Video On Demand site but they do not charge a pay-per-minute fee. Instead there is a flat monthly fee of $24.95 per month to watch over 22,000 videos from well over 3,000 DVDs in their archives. Their price per day and per disc is lower than some of their more full-featured competitors and they also have a DVD by mail option where they will mail you porn DVDs much the same way Netflix handles mainstream movies. One major drawback is that none of the movies can be downloaded or saved. It's all streaming online only.Wanted List VOD

Anal Try Outs
Anal Tryouts is a high-def buttfuck site with beautiful models taking it up the ass for the first time on camera. Luckily, that camera is a 1280x720 HD model that shows you every wrinkle of her rectum as huge cock pounds deep into her dumper. If you think you have seen all the best of anal sex, you have not yet. This site updates every day, so take the free preview and watch these whores get their daily dose of dick in their asses!Anal Try Outs

Movie Room
Step into the Movie Room and see for yourself how well thousands of hours of full length porn DVDs can entertain, inspire and satisfy you. With over 4,000 movies available in several formats including PSP and IPOD for perverts-on-the-go, this is a massive website that gets better and better with each passing day.Movie Room

Cinema Erotique
Cinema Erotique is a more artistic take on nude modeling and erotic themes. The content is produced in the United Kingdom and stars some truly gorgeous Euro Babes. If you want nasty hardcore fucking this may not be the best option, but for couples and those interested in the more elegant aspects of sexual suspense it's on target. With plenty of teaser content to put you in the mood, it's an excellent appetizer for your own libido.Cinema Erotique

Stolen Porn Videos
This reality site is centered around the premise that amateur Stolen Porn Videos have been sent in by the public and posted online. The videos are excellent and definitely give the feel that this might be real amateur videos but whether it's all true or not you'll have to see and decide for yourself. Click the Free Preview to find out more.Stolen Porn Videos

Lex Steele
Lexington Steele, the 11 inch black stud who has fucked thousands of women and left them looser than they were when he first met them, now has his own official website! The site name is Lex Steele but the only thing he has shortened is his first name... all 350+ scenes still feature almost an entire foot-long black cock getting stuffed into today's hottest pornstars. He's a legend for a damn good reason.Lex Steele

Boobsville is an old-skool porn production company that is coming of age all over again now that they have gone digital. Their site has a large collection of videos on it but the overall site design is lacking and takes away from the enjoyment quite a bit. It's a great warehouse of classic big tit content but the way they display it and the slow download speeds are too obvious to overlook.Boobsville

Alexis Golden
Alexis Golden is a do-it-all MILF who specializes in having her asshole fucked deep enough that you may as well put a miner's helmet and search light on the tip of your dick when you line her up rectum. This is her own exclusive website and yes, she really does run the whole by herself top to bottom... but mostly bottom!Alexis Golden

Lezbo Land
Lezbo Land is an inexpensive way to get access to some of the wettest and wildest lesbian porn you have ever had the chance to enjoy. The site features high quality HD porn movies in an easy to use interface and lets you have them for less than ten bucks a month!Lezbo Land

Xtreme Victoria
Xtreme Victoria is fucking HAWT! There is simply no denying that fact. Her site is also part of a pretty big network of Included Sites which is great... but the fact is right now her site only has 4 videos of her on it and that's just too few to earn a recommendation for a monthly membership.Xtreme Victoria

Lorena Latin Lover
Lorena Latin Lover is a solo girl site on the Torbe network. That means as a member you get access to all of the whores on the Included Sites listed to the right side of this review. However, because this is a new site it only has 7 videos on it and they are low-res 320x240 movies so if you sign up its for the network access... not really so much for Lorena.Lorena Latin Lover

Silvia Next Door
If you've run out of beer in the 'fridge, all your friends are busy tonight and you dumped your girlfriend recently.... then you'll be glad you've got Silvia Next Door! This blonde skank is like a twenty-four hour mini-mart of sexual satisfaction. Just knock on the door and within a few minutes you'll be bangin' the whore! Given some more time to grow its archives this might become a pretty damn good site.Silvia Next Door

World Wide Wives
World Wide Wives is an amateur British porn site featuring sexy teens and married MILFs who are looking to show off the fantastic treat their husbands come home to every night. The site is gigantic and updates daily which means you'll always have plenty of hardcore and softcore action in new pictures and videos from around the world. International mature pussy is always at your fingertips as a member of W.W.W.World Wide Wives

Wicked Angel 69
Wicked Angel 69 is a site featuring a real life swinger with a chubby figure and a hunger for sex of all kinds. On her site Angel fools around with men, women and does pretty much anything they ask of her. The site is mostly for picture lovers because it currently has only five videos and the archives update monthly. If Angel is your type, you can only find her on this site.Wicked Angel 69

Chicks In Socks
Chicks In Socks is a one of a kind website that brings you top quality models who strip down naked for high-resolution photo sets and HD videos where they rub themselves to orgasm without ever taking their socks off! If you are in the mood to see something different and love the way a sexy girl looks in a fancy pair of designer socks, hop on over and take a look at the free preview.Chicks In Socks

Private Feeds
Does your dick deserve to be treated to a $6.00 per minute private one on one online live show? Probably not, but before you save up six month's salary and spend it on a diamond ring for your girlfriend... or waste a few hundred bucks taking some chick to dinner... ask yourself if you wouldn't be better off spending $100 on a live whore who will do pretty much anything you tell her to do?Private Feeds

Hairy Sex Videos
Hairy Sex Videos is the perfect porn site for anyone who likes unshaven women with hirsuit pussies and furry forearms. These are natural girls with the musky smell of sweat still clinging to every follicle of their hair covered vaginas. If hairy women are not something you are used to... why not expand you 'hairizons' and give them a try!Hairy Sex Videos

Anal sex used to be a shocking and rare occurrence in porn, but not no more. Just about every site or DVD published these days features tight assholes getting plugged by huge unforgiving cocks. You won't find anything but the hottest and heaviest anal plunderings at XGape, where an asshole isn't considered fucked unless it's stretched out, gaping, and red.Xgape

Sure, sometimes seeing two nervous girls flirt and butterfly kiss can be a real turn on. But if you're ready to step out of fantasy land, and more into seeing hardcore lipstick lesbians dyking full out, then a visit to XLez is more up your alley. There's no such thing as fake lesbos testing the girl-on-girl waters here. Every hardcore lesbian sex scene features amazing pussy licking, fingering, kissing, and even strap-on fucking!Xlez

The Dick Suckers
The Dick Suckers are a group of amateur girls who want to become pornstars. Showing up at a hardcore studio and asking to be used in a xxx movie requires an audition and these are the cocksucking porn videos filmed when real pornstar wannabees open wide and take dick inside their mouths and throats for the first time on camera. A few have gone on to become famous, but many of the throat sluts featured on The Dick Suckers are one-time video vixens never seen again in porn anywhere else. That kind of exclusivity really makes this a pornsite worth checking out.The Dick Suckers

40 Oz Bounce
If it's big booties you seek, then 40 oz Bounce is the place to find them. Take a seat on a comfy couch and call that big butt Ho on over. She'll be glad to park her phat ass on your face until you drift off into a pussy-induced porn coma. You'll never go hungry and you'll always go out with a bang! 40 Oz Bounce

Deep Throat Love
Sure there's no such thing as a bad blowjob, but some are definitely better than others and though a young slut's mom might tell her that a really quick way to win a man's heart is through his stomach, her best friend will always wink and whisper that a deep, sloppy throat-job is even faster! Deep Throat Love offers wannabe whores important life lessons at keeping their horny boyfriends.Deep Throat Love

Euro Humpers
If you're searching for the prettiest wet pussies to stick your dick in you'll need to hop on the first flight across the Atlantic. Once you land, forget about taking a scenic tour and focus on the important things, like all the sexy European tits and ass that these foreign babes love to show off! Those who can call themselves Euro Humpers are truly the luckiest guys in the world!Euro Humpers

Freaks of Cock
Slutty girls may love to lick big dicks, but the Freaks of Cock pack more than most whores can handle. Thick black pleasure-sticks poke and prod these sluts until a flood of interracial cum is unleashed all over their wide-eyed, overwhelmed faces. These facials are simply spunk-tastic! Freaks of Cock

Real Ex-Girlfriends
There's no greater feeling than finding yourself a hot new kinky girlfriend who lets you do anything you want to her. If you play your cards right, you should be able to convince her to let you film your sex sessions too. But all good things must come to an end, and eventually you'll decide to find a new whore because you're either getting bored or she's a royal bitch. If the breakup is her fault, then there's no better revenge than posting your Real Ex-Girlfriends voyeur video on the web!Real Ex-Girlfriends

Broke Down Bitches
Broke Down Bitches is a reality porn site that answers the question: When a car breaks down, who wins and who loses? As you might guess the losers are the girls who no a lot less than they should about gaskets and engines... the winners are YOU the viewer as you get to watch them make awkward road-side settlements with well-hung men who have all of the bargaining power - and a strong desire to check these bitches' oil with their meaty dipsticks!Broke Down Bitches

Biohazard Bitches
Just when you thought sluts couldn't get any more desperate to earn a dollar, one visit to Biohazard Bitches will make you realize how wrong you were. The setting for each scene is a filthy scummy bathroom, and these whores get fucked with their heads held against the toilet while they're hungrily licking the cum stained rim. Trust me, you just need to see it to believe it!Biohazard Bitches

Ashton Moore
Ashton Moore is a very beautiful ClubJenna contract girl, who’s originally from Newport Beach CA but now living in Scottsdale AZ. She’s been featured in over 35 adult porno videos and been in more than 20 adult men’s magazines. So if she’s good enough for Playboy, probably the closest you’ll ever get to her is on your monitor screen. Ashton Moore

Hotberries Net
Lesbian sex sites are usually owned by big companies who get girls to fuck each other the way some men want to see them. is a small boutique porn site owned by real lesbians who decided to make a lesbian sex site the way women really want to have sex. It's a softer, more romantic and in some ways even hotter girl on girl experience to watch!Hotberries Net

X-Nudism is a site devoted to public nudity and the lifestyle that surrounds it. With many adult videos filmed on location at exotic locations around the world, and also a fair amount of homemade public displays of nudism and sexuality - this is one site that will have you wondering why everyone doesn't just take off their clothes and relax for a while!X-Nudism

Tight Holes Big Poles
Tight Holes Big Poles is for anyone who has ever shoved their cock into a tight wet slut and heard her moan from joy while squealing in pain all at the same time. These are the huge cocks that pornstars use to test the warranty on their vaginas. Every pussy is pushed beyond the limit and stuffed with the biggest dicks and longest dongs these whores have ever seen!Tight Holes Big Poles

Viv Thomas Video
World renowned nude photographer Viv Thomas finally has a flagship portfolio site online for fans everywhere to enjoy. Viv Thomas Video features hundreds of exclusive pictorials and video episodes starring beautiful models in fantasy locations sharing their inner most desires with you. Sign-up and savor it all!Viv Thomas Video

She Likes Girls
Offering a FREE trial and putting Quantity above all else, She Likes Girls is a porn site jam packed with DVD Lesbian videos by the thousands. If a pornstar ever existed and ate pussy only once in her life... there's an excellent chance you'll be able to download her ass right here.She Likes Girls

Smut Videos
Huge, simple, porn! With a Free trial to test it out and a monthly price of just under a penny per scene, Smut Videos is one of the largest and oldest massive DVD Download sites on the web. The videos aren't exclusive, but it's not like your cock will ever be able to watch every last one of them anyway. Enjoy a tidal wave of hardcore sex.Smut Videos

Totally Teens
Taking on older men, and women as well, these DVD Download Videos include all the Totally Teens XXX action any fan of eighteen and nineteen year old pornstars might hope to see. The movies aren't exclusive, and some are from the 80s and 90s. It's a huge archive of whores who are now in their twenties and thirties, filmed back when they were in their sexual prime.Totally Teens

Teen Steam
One of the few problems with amateur teen pornstars is that they get into the xxx movie biz for only a short while before they evaporate back out of it like steam leaving a hot kettle. Teen Steam is a massive DVD porn archive site that has all of your favorite teen performers from the past and present including rare eighteen year old sluts like Gauge!Teen Steam

Fully Fisted
Fully Fisted is not about sex that stops at the thumb! These are hardcore fisting scenes starring women who wouldn't be happy unless you were wrist deep in their pussy. Go ahead and clench your hand, lube it up and align her vagina - it's about to have a very sloppy experience.Fully Fisted

Kellys Foot Fetish
Kellys Foot Fetish is a brand new leg-centric sex site that was launched by the same horny amateur couple who have been running the Housewife Kelly porn site for quite a while. It's a fantastic companion porn site designed to show off Kelly's kinkier side as she explores her own fetishes more deeply on film!Kellys Foot Fetish

New Sensations
One of a kind website New Sensations is on a mission to show you not only the hottest new porn performers of this year, but also the rookie scenes of some of today's iconic pornstars back in the days before they got fake tits and celebrity attitudes. See for yourself what a difference that new pussy scent really makes!New Sensations

Pure Sammie Rhodes
Sammie Rhodes is the ultimate party girl and on her official website you can see her in the purest form. Accompanied by her friends who seem to all be sexy sluts, Sammie puts on quite a show. Best of all the site gets you full network access to thousands of hours of hardcore reality porn video to go along with this rising blonde super-slut!Pure Sammie Rhodes

Porn Classics
Fans of Porn Classics are drawn to this site for its large collection of rare and hard to find films starring your favorite sex stars from the 70s and 80s. The site offers a very large library of classic porn movies sorted effectively by title and pornstar. It's not an overly complicated site and it gets you into retro porn action with only a couple clicks!Porn Classics

I Just Fucked Two Chicks
Your pal might be smiling because he just got promoted at work, he might have bought a winning lottery ticket or he may have found true love - but if you ever see him smiling from ear to ear bright enough to light up the whole fucking room you can be sure it's because he is about to say: I Just Fucked Two Chicks! See the best hardcore HD FFM threeways on this exclusive two girl with one guy porn masterpiece!I Just Fucked Two Chicks

So You Think You Can Squirt
Red Light District has been making squirting videos since back in the DVD era of porn and this site is a soupy mix of the best squirts from past films along with plenty of hot juicy new blasts from female ejaculating beauties who are always just a few more thrusts away from pouring out another soaking wet orgasm!So You Think You Can Squirt

Teenage Fuck Holes
Teenage Fuck Holes brings out the best parts of hot teen sluts and puts them right in front of your face! Soft wet lips, warm slippery tongues, tight hairless pussy and the kind of bubble-butts that bounce right back after you finish fucking them. It's HD hardcore teen porn from the xxx masters of Red Light Video. Get it while it's HOT!Teenage Fuck Holes

Throat Gaggers
One of the greatest pleasures in life is sinking your dick into the throat of a sexy girl and watching as she tries her best to handle the whole thing being plunged balls-deep down her pipes. Throat Gaggers is a celebration of oral sex starring high end pornstars getting their throats pumped until there is as much spit coming up as there is cum going down!Throat Gaggers

Toe Service
Toe Service is a new site from the legendary studio that brings you all the RedLight videos. Taking their sexual art to a lower level and bringing many mainstream porn fans along with them, this is a fantastic site to expand your own erotic appetite by exploring fetish foot play if you have never gotten into it before now.Toe Service

Facial Land
You probably never heard of this magical place, but men from all across the globe get weak at the knees when they fantasize about visiting Facial Land. In this happy magical place sluts roam naked through the streets and never bother you unless they’re on their knees in front of you waiting to catch your cumshots. When you get tired of staring at her tits, unload a huge gooey wad all over her pretty little face!Facial Land

Joanna Angel
Fans of alt porn erotica, body piercings, tattoo sluts and the punk rock way of looking at life will love the official Joanna Angel porn site. Starring the petite punker with ever-changing hair colors, wild on location sex videos and some of the hardest anal pounding penetration ever witnessed - this is a solo girl site that will have you stat contemplating why all girls can't be half as hot or a quarter as cool as your new virtual fuck friend Joanna Angel!Joanna Angel

Heavy Metal Pussy Party
Liking the way Emo girls look, but prefer your porn to be girls only? You're in luck thanks to the rockstar lesbian porn site Heavy Metal Pussy Party where every sexy stage slut is as much about the hardcore lifestyle of metal music as she is about her sensual desire for another girl's tongue deep in her quivering pink pussy!Heavy Metal Pussy Party

Monster Cock Junkies
Lots of women enjoy having a big dick shoved deep into their moist holes, but for some whores it goes way beyond simply 'liking big cock.' For the sluts at Monster Cock Junkies it's all about being addicted to dick and needing a a pounding from an oversized meat-rod as often as they can find one. Take a look, you'll be amazed how much cock fits into each of their tight wet twats!Monster Cock Junkies

Teeny Tuggers
Teeny Tuggers lets one or two amateur sweethearts at a time attempt to tug a big load of cum out of some of the biggest dicks in porn. Teen handjob cuties stroking cock and jacking off their costars until they earn the orgasmic reward that they desperately need to obtain. It's a handjob fan's best fantasy!Teeny Tuggers

Young Busty
Young Busty is a site from Scandinavia featuring some of the sexiest European 18 and 19 year old nude models. Blonde babes with BIG tits who have matured completely before the age of 20 are qualified to call themselves Young Busty!Young Busty

MySexyKittens brings you beautiful teen babes from Denmark, Norway and all over the European Union to prove that the exchange rate between American pussy and Euro pussy is now heavily balanced in favor of the international sluts you'll see online. These are premium teen models with a lot of skill and some amazing bodies to go along with their fresh sweet faces!MySexyKittens

Broke Amateurs
Broke Amateurs is what internet porn has really always been about. Hot local girls who need to make a few extra bucks and are willing to trade some of their dignity for quick cash and a mouthful of cum. All exclusive, girls you won't see anywhere else and long revealing interviews help set this site apart in the minds of many amateur porn fans.Broke Amateurs

Janessa Brazil
Janessa Brazil is a smoking hot Latina solo girl who is just starting out in the world of nude modeling. The official Janessa Brazil website already includes almost 50 updates, with videos that focus on Janessa masturbating, in lesbian sex scenes, all kinds of lingerie and even some role play. She has not taken the hardcore plunge yet, but from the looks of the progress her site is making Janessa Brazil getting fucked on film can't be too far off, thankfully!Janessa Brazil

Chelci Fox
Chelci Fox is a hot amateur blonde solo girl with her own website. Her big tits and winning smile have charmed a lot of porn fans over the years, however her site is no longer updating with fresh smut. The good news is that it has been added to a network of excellent porn sites and the others all do update. So Chelci is like a very sweet desert after a healthy xxx hardcore meal.Chelci Fox

MR POV is a new exclusive reality pornsite that answers the question: What would happen if you lost your job, your wife left you and you decided 'fuck it I'm starting a porn studio!' It's a very interesting idea, and one many porn fans have toyed with at some time or another - but the best news is that they really pull off the fantasy reality porn experience and have built an excellent site on part of a growing network of quality smut choices. MR POV is definitely worth a long hard look when you are considering which hardcore site to join next.MR POV

Barefoot Domination
Barefoot Domination is a new foot fetish porn site for anyone who has ever fantasized about a powerful and seductive woman taking complete control of their libido with the subtle flick of a few toes and the dominant stamping of her feet. Will she be kind? If she isn't would you even mind? Just lay back, relax and leave all your emotions in her hands - or better yet, under her feet!Barefoot Domination

Latina Emotion
Latina Emotion focuses on the sensual style of Hispanic women from Boricuas to Dominicanas, from South America to Spain and proves they all have one important thing in common - a sexual style supercharged with passion and emotions unlike anything some suburban housewife could ever give you!Latina Emotion

Catalina Cruz
Catalina Cruz is an award winning internet pornstar with her own official website. Her body is beautiful but it's all the amazing extras in her members area that will really have you gasping with excitement. Archives full of live webcam shows, plenty of videos and everything else you could ever want to help you fully appreciate the hardcore talents of this insatiable Latina web model!Catalina Cruz

Fantasy Girl Carmella
Fantasy Girl Carmella is a pornsite completely devoted to the big tits and sensual style of Carmella Bing, one of today's hottest pornstars. Carmella can be seen in all kinds of action with girls, guys, solo or from your POV and while the collection is a combination of exclusive and non-exclusive smut - any fan of Camella Bing would definitely find plenty worth watching!Fantasy Girl Carmella

Allstar Reality Porn
Allstar Reality Porn is a huge collection of top name pornstars doing what they do best.... fucking! Scenes starring all of your favorite teens, MILFs and in-betweens are available in High Definition, flash streaming and even mobile porn video formats for your personal entertainment.Allstar Reality Porn

Hot Ashley Roberts
Hot Ashley Roberts is a former Penthouse Pet who has her own official website online. It's the only place you can see Ashley, speak with Ashley and get to know Ashley Roberts from the inside out. She's a gorgeous girl, but that's only the start of it because once you start to explore deeper you'll quickly see this charming blonde Babe is so much more than meets the eye!Hot Ashley Roberts

DT Babes
DT Babes is the official website of erotic photographer Donovan Trent. Producing high quality softcore porn for more than a decade and bringing a unique style to videos starring some of the world's most popular pornstars - DT Babes is all about beauty and glamour... and the girls who know how to bring it when the camera starts rolling!DT Babes

Natalie Sins
Solo Babe Natalie Sins has her own official softcore site filled with plenty of hot striptease videos and all kinds of live interaction via her scheduled webcam shows for members and interactive chat sessions. If you want to really get to know a porn star, this is the place to do it!Natalie Sins

Emily Saint
Emily Saint puts her sexy body and personal life online for fans at her official website. One of the prettiest web models ever to strip down for her fans is now getting naked in softcore videos and cam shows that include all kinds of interactive chats and message boards as well.Emily Saint

CFNM Max is a site focused on the Clothed Female Naked Male niche. Women at parties who seduce men out of their clothes and convince them to go all the way even as the lovely ladies hold a little something back from them. If tease and suspense porn is your xxx fancy, CFNM Max is a solid choice!CFNM Max

Big House of Porn
Big House of Porn is a new downloadable porn site that features a large collection of DVD porn videos and a smaller collection of hard to find exclusive scenes as well. The site is still new and growing. The interface is clean and easy to use while it is also evolving. One major drawback is that the site shows Flash Streaming video on the tour but at the moment the videos in the members can only be downloaded as AVIs, they can not be streamed yet.Big House of Porn

Escorted is an adult directory designed to showcase the most amazing adult dating possibilities. If you have ever considered being escorted to a private party, business event, class reunion or other special occasion by a model, playmate, centerfold or amateur escort - this is the best site in the world for finding the adult arrangement perfectly suited to your dating desires. Best of all, the entire directory is FREE for members to use and includes all the contact information for each model listed.Escorted

Suburban Amateurs
Sexy British Babes straight from the UK to show off their naughty English accents, adorable dimples and some of the sweetest masturbation styles you have ever seen. With plenty of photos, all kinds of bonus materials and a lot of local flavor - if you want to watch a hot Brit shag herself, this is the site you need to see right now!Suburban Amateurs

Lifestyle Amateurs
Lifestyle Amateurs is more of an adult community than a single website, with many individual sites all linked together in a gigantic network of real amateur porn presented in a totally new way! Each model owns her own amateur site and Lifestyle Amateurs helps them show off for the first time online. You can even create your own pornsite! This is the ultimate swinger site for anyone who wants to explore the exhibitionist lifestyle or become a voyeur fan of the next great amateur starlets!Lifestyle Amateurs

Bella 1010
Exclusive beauties unleashed by Bella 1010 are delicious amateur models not seen anywhere else! It's a masturbation glamour site exploring the sensuality and style of gorgeous gals never seen anywhere else, in top quality sex toy sessions that will have you on your edge of your seat in the heat of each fluttering orgasm these lovely amateurs deliver!Bella 1010

Pink TV
PinkTV is an erotic entertainment site that mixes together a combination of webcam girls, exclusive video content, behind the scenes porn news and plenty of other features to give fans the experience of living the porn lifestyle. The content quality is good but the interface does take some getting used to at first because it mixes together so many different kinds of erotic materials for fans.Pink TV

Amateur Throats
Amateur Throats finds real girls right off the street and shows you how well they handle a deepthroat full of man meat. These aren't the typical pornstars you see everywhere, these are true amateurs doing what sexy sluts do best when you put their mouths to the test!Amateur Throats

SeventeenVideo is a fantastic source for really cute eighteen and nineteen year old Euro models in a variety of videos that range from some cute kissing scenes to sex toy lesbian action and full on hardcore fucking - all with two new updates every day and one of the biggest archives in the teen porn niche. If you are looking for tightest teens of Europe, you just found all of them!SeventeenVideo

Club Seventeen
Eighteen year old sweethearts from all over Europe flock to the Club Seventeen studios to become a part of the largest and most respected Euro Teen Porn site on the planet! Girls of the EU show off their beautiful bodies and tight sexual skills in videos so exciting you'll want to find your passport and start planning your next vacation as soon as you finish cumming all over their perfect faces!Club Seventeen

Hustler VOD
Hustler VOD offers you all the same great DVD porn videos found on the other Hustler websites but without any monthly membership or long term commitment! You can purchase minutes and use them to watch whichever porn videos you want to see the most. It actually works out as a big savings for some XXX fans!Hustler VOD

Party Hardcore
Party Hardcore is an exciting part of a massive Euro network that focuses on hardcore fucking in a variety of public fetish settings. If you go out the the clubs and wonder what it would be like to be hanging with the VIP section of the hottest clubs in Europe - you need to start partying hardcore right now!Party Hardcore

Sun Erotica
Sun Erotica is more than just a porn site. Actually, it's a lot like a high end travel site allowing you to explore many of the top resort locations and picturesque beaches from all over the globe - with a bevy of xxx beauties who are ready to help you get the maximum amount of pleasure from every new destination. It's gorgeous glamour girls sharing their fantasy vacations with you!Sun Erotica

Team Skeet
Team Skeet is a network of pornsites that took a while to reach it's full potential because it started as a single xxx site and built momentum over a long period of time by entertaining xxx fans with new kinds of kink launched in separate sites until they had enough excellent video content to fill a major network tour site. Now it ranks among the very best exclusive porn video networks online and offers hundreds of your favorite pornstars in some of the best scenes each model has ever filmed!Team Skeet

One of the greatest studios of the DVD porn era is finally building an official site worthy of their name. Anabolic DVDs were long considered among the very best porn ever filmed, but their online presence was always surprisingly lacking. Their new revamped site is going to offer all of their videos and pics in full HD with plenty of bonus features and network access as well. It launched recently and is already on its way to becoming a very popular portal for serious porn enthusiasts!Anabolic

JAPornDL stands for Japanese Porn Download and features a unique collection of REAL Japanese porn for fans from all around the world. Best of all, you can watch this sexy HD Asian smut the way you want with either a monthly membership or a per scene video on demand download option that lets you pick only the scenes you want to see the most.JAPornDL

Evil Angel
Since the VHS classic porn era, through the DVD XXX era and on until today, Evil Angel has been one of the best adult entertainment brands of all time. Focused on fetish anal sex, big name pornstars and all kinds of kinky action - this is the flagship site of their network and with more than 6,000 exclusive sex scenes to back up their daily updates it is also one of the largest fuck film archives you'll ever see anywhere online!Evil Angel

Brazzers Network
One of the largest and most frequently updated exclusive HD porn sites on the planet, Brazzers Network has become synonymous with sex. All of your favorite pornstars, plenty of fresh new faces and the finest interface the porn world has ever seen - if you want to watch more than 4,000 full length top quality studio porn videos and another 40,000 bonus videos in one massive network, this is perhaps the very best place to do it!Brazzers Network

MrPornGeek is the simplest, fastest and most effective way to quickly find new porn sites and sources for amazing adult erotica online. TheTongue provides honest, trustworthy complete reviews of every site, and one of the places we go to find the newest offerings of sites worth reviewing is over at Mr Porn Geek. Have a look and see if any of the sites listed are ones you would like to see reviewed here in detail!MrPornGeek
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