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German Goo Girls
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German Goo Girls

(Review Updated: 09/13/2010) (Reviewed: 11/16/2007)
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 German Goo Girls Preview
German Goo Girls brings you the best cock-milkers from the motherland of modern Germany. Unlike most American porn, European smut has maintained the gritty edge that many perverts prefer. This site is like having an authentic German video store in your computer any time you want to see sexy German frauleins getting face-fucked! GGG has them all here waiting for your cock to cum and see them!

German Goo Girls Porn Review
German Goo Girls Free Preview
German Goo Girls Review
Anyone who is a fan of Euro-sex already knows that for years you had to either find a way to get these filthy films imported or you had to find a rare video store that carried exotic titles and pay a premium just to watch them. That has finally all changed and a site like German Goo Girls is at the leading edge of this new Reich of uber-entertainment!

Each DVD featured is the full length, complete European version of the movie including every scene exactly as it was originally intended by critically acclaimed Director John Thompson. Some of the lighting and camera angles may be different from what you are used to, more raw and less polished perhaps but also more real with less of a synthetic feel than a lot of American erotica.

One major drawback of the German Goo Girls site is that all of their movies are DRM protected. Put simply, you can watch them streaming online without any problem and you can download every one of their films to your hard drive to be viewed as long as you are a member of the site. However, if you cancel then those files will continue to work for thirty more days before they expire. That makes this site a little frustrating because there is so much porn worth collecting on it... but collectors can only keep it as long as they remain subscribers.

Picture sets are included as well but they are basically screen captures from the films in 650x520 resolution, useful for browsing but not really worth downloading or saving for collectors.

The best part of the German Goo Girls site is the sex itself. There really is a difference between the over-produced porn that you see in a big budget movie made for women and these independent Euro sex movies that feature more fucking and a lot less chit-chat. Be advised, the movies themselves are in German so text and occasional words from the performers will be in German, but all of the movie descriptions are translated into English on the website itself so you can easily choose the film that will serve your cock the best.

German Goo Girls Summary
German Goo Girls is very close to what you have been waiting for, as an option to get access to raw German sex films without overpaying or waiting for weeks to have them arrive. If they removed the DRM coding and improved the picture sets it would be a true uber-site. Even as it is, for many this will be the best option available and with 1,380 scenes in DVD quality 720x576 resolution it is definitely worth the membership price for one month at the very least!
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Comment by acrowot:rating: 100
I have found various software programs that can remove DRM protection. Has anybody had experience of using any? I am an avid porn collector (pervert i...(Read more)
15:08pm 08/01/2008
Comment by TheTongue:rating: 88
Heya Acrowot. GGG is a high quality site. Scraping DRM gets to be a lot more trouble than it is worth. There are other quality sites available that do...(Read more)
16:08pm 08/01/2008
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The Tongue says 'An authentic German film megasite'


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