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Double Penetration occurs when a woman opens both her asshole and her pussy to accommodate two men who work in unison to grind the meat between her holes like lumberjacks working a two-man saw! Fucking her pussy and ass at the same time is a great way to spend your weekend. These stuntcocks call up a pal and get themselves a fantastic fuck target, then they line up her holes and both start DPing the fuck out of her at the same time. DP sex is what you want to see and double-penetrating some bitches is what these DP websites are all about!

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Sunrise Kings - Free Preview
Sunrise KingsMost people think about going to world class resorts for rest, relaxation, and recreation. The Sunrise Kings have a different idea in mind – they're going to find the hottest women at the resort and fuck them in every 5 star location they can manage. That sounds a lot more interesting than going on a vacation with your in-laws, doesn't it?
Sunrise Kings Details:

Review Score:88
Subscription:$29.95 Monthly
Trial:2 Days for $3.95
Updates:Twice Weekly
# of Videos:51
Max Resolution:1280 X 720
Sunrise Kings Review
Ive Been Sodomized - Free Preview
Ive Been SodomizedAnal assaults and extreme penetration are the name of the game at I've Been Sodomized. Crammed with high quality content that will make your dick throb, the sluts at I've Been Sodomized spread their asses wide open and get fucked hard in over 240 lengthy scenes. They know they're not done until you are!
Ive Been Sodomized Details:

Review Score:87
Subscription:$24.95 Monthly
Trial:3 Days for $2.95
# of Videos:241
Max Resolution:1280 X 720
Ive Been Sodomized Review
Her First DP - Free Preview Discount Porn
Her First DPThese chicks don't just open wide and say "ahhh" - they open up and say ahhh at both ends! At Her First DP it's two-hole fucking at its finest. Pussy and Ass, Mouth and Ass, Ass and Mouth... or even sometimes two in one hole! It's double-fucked sluts showing their sexual durability for the first time on camera!
Her First DP Details:

Review Score:85
Discount Porn:
$29.95 Monthly
Trial:3 Days for $3.95
# of Videos:146
Max Resolution:1068 X 600
Her First DP Review
Slutty Gaggers - Free Preview
Slutty GaggersShe isn't a princess, she isn't a beauty queen... she won't ever be an award winning actress and it's unlikely she will manage to get herself a college degree. To most men she will never be much more than a skank with a useful mouth. She's a Slutty Gagger and to your dick... that's all that really matters anyway!
Slutty Gaggers Details:

Review Score:84
Subscription:$29.99 Monthly
Trial:3 Days for $1.85
# of Videos:31
Max Resolution:1280 X 720
Slutty Gaggers Review
Anal Hookers - Free Preview
Anal HookersSometimes you feel the need to bend a girl over and bang her in the ass because she’s just too damn ugly to look at while keeping a hard-on at the same time. These Anal Hookers from Hustler are pretty enough to stare at for hours, but they prefer it if you bend them over and pump out their asses instead just for the hell of it!
Anal Hookers Details:

Review Score:86
Subscription:$34.62 Monthly
Trial:3 Days for $3.86
# of Videos:306
Max Resolution:640 X 480
Anal Hookers Review
Two Hole Crammers - Free Preview
Two Hole CrammersSome people believe that if it ain't broke you don't fix it. Others, like the ones featured on this site, clearly think it's best to break things wide open to see if they can be improved upon no matter how they have been functioning so far. The chicks on Two Hole Crammers get double-barrel boned in High-Def!
Two Hole Crammers Details:

Review Score:89
Subscription:$29.74 Monthly
Trial:3 Days for $1.00
# of Videos:16
Max Resolution:1280 X 1024
Two Hole Crammers Review
24 Inches Of Pain - Free Preview
24 Inches Of Pain24 Inches Of Pain brings you some hardcore interracial action starring two well hung homeboyz who assault the holes of white bitches in heat. The site name comes from the fact that the dicks shoved into these chicks are 13 and 11 inches respectively. Combined, that's a full 24 inches of meat for these petites to struggle with as they accept it deep in their dumpers, twats and mouths!
24 Inches Of Pain Details:

Review Score:79
Subscription:$29.96 Monthly
Trial:3 Days for $1.00
# of Videos:38
Max Resolution:320 X 240
24 Inches Of Pain Review
Biohazard Bitches - Free Preview
Biohazard BitchesJust when you thought sluts couldn't get any more desperate to earn a dollar, one visit to Biohazard Bitches will make you realize how wrong you were. The setting for each scene is a filthy scummy bathroom, and these whores get fucked with their heads held against the toilet while they're hungrily licking the cum stained rim. Trust me, you just need to see it to believe it!
Biohazard Bitches Details:

Review Score:87
Subscription:$24.95 Monthly
# of Videos:105
Max Resolution:640 X 480
Biohazard Bitches Review
Brazzers Network - Free Preview
Brazzers NetworkOne of the largest and most frequently updated exclusive HD porn sites on the planet, Brazzers Network has become synonymous with sex. All of your favorite pornstars, plenty of fresh new faces and the finest interface the porn world has ever seen - if you want to watch more than 4,000 full length top quality studio porn videos and another 40,000 bonus videos in one massive network, this is perhaps the very best place to do it!
Brazzers Network Details:

Review Score:92
Subscription:$29.99 Monthly
Trial:2 Days for $1.00
# of Videos:4560
Max Resolution:1920 X 1080
Brazzers Network Review

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