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Britney Lightspeed
Britney Lightspeed
Wired Pussy
Wired Pussy
Britney Lightspeed is one of the newest Lightspeed girls. At 5'1 and nineteen years of age, her petite package is beaming with energy and brimming with sensual aggression. Let this little party girl introduce you to all of her female friends and show you what goes on while you were out at work or busy with your own gal.   Whenever a pussy appears on camera some sparks are sure to fly. But at Wired Pussy, this is taken to the extreme because pussies are literally wired up and zapped with electricity! There's a great mix of bondage and humiliation that any hardcore BDSM fan will enjoy, and enough lesbian strap on sex that will appeal to the crossover lezdom porn crowd. So step right up but watch that step, because this is hardcore porn served up with a jizz-busting jolt!
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Cum Farters
Cum Farters

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