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(Review Updated: 04/18/2007) (Reviewed: 04/16/2007)
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 WebCamClub Preview
WebCamClub is not a typical video paysite. Instead of offering you video and pictures of pre-recorded women, this site actually lets you get in on the action with a LIVE girl!

WebCamClub Porn Review
WebCamClub Free Preview
WebCamClub Review
The site features amateur girls of all different shapes, sizes, skin colors and personalities performing live in front of a webcam for you. You can type in whatever you like and the girl replies to everything you ask for or demand of her. Best of all you get to watch them do whatever it is you have on your mind. The possibilities are endless...

I recently took WebCamClub for a test drive and I can tell you that there is definitely a very different vibe on a smut site featuring live girls. The site allows you to take a look at all the girls in their catalog and to see which ones are online at the moment.

For free you can make an account and look around at the girls in a public room where you and other members can chat with her and each other as she lays on her bed in her underwear. Sometimes the girl will reply to you, other times it may take a while for her to pick you out of the crowd.

Once you decide on the girl that interests you that is where the real fun begins. Without any additional software you can click one button and request that the girl go with you into a private chat room for a private show!

Most of the girls charge 2 to 3 credits per minute for private shows. Credits can be purchased in blocks at various price ranges (the more you purchase the cheaper each credit is). $29.95 gets you the standard 45 credits and at 3 credits per minute that works out to 15 minutes private time - $2.00 per minute essentially.

In private chats the girls are very aggressive. They know they get another $2.00 every minute they keep you from closing their window so don't hold back, don't be shy... go ahead and ask for whatever you want while they do their best to please you!

I asked a girl to play with her water bottle and she got right on it! I told a girl to hold her hands behind her back and pose in a bunch of different positions.... all done without any hesitation or complaint. As soon as I requested something a girl was unable to do I closed the window and went to find a girl who could!

There are a couple drawbacks to the site itself. First, there tend to be only a handful of girls online at any given moment. They have plenty of girls but you will usually be picking from 5-10 of them. Second, the video quality is that of a webcam... not anywhere near the clarity you would expect from a pre-recorded pay site. Third and most importantly, this site is addictive!

Unlike a monthly membership of $29.95 you are likely to blow through $30-40 every time you want to get your rocks off. Granted, this is real LIVE content and that makes it much more interesting but for everyone but the most wealthy Tastebuds a site like this is more of a special treat than an every day adventure.

The Tongue suggests you head over and make a free account. Have a look at the girls and chat it up a bit to see what their personality is like. Then if you are ready get yourself some tokens. After a rough day at work, on a night when your girlfriend is being a bitch... or to celebrate some good news, get yourself a live whore and have your way with her! Then go back to your monthly membership site to get you through until the next special occasion.

As a final note, part of the fun can be negotiating the price with the girls! They each set their own prices, some may be willing to do a show for you at 1 token a minute when they are having a slow night... others may demand a higher price if they are getting a lot of action. Don't be afraid to request a discount in the public chat when you select a girl you want to spend some time with.

WebCamClub Summary
If ever you wanted to have a stripper tucked away in your guest room so you could knock on her door and have her put on a show for you whenever you were bored or lonely WebCamClub is the best way to get that kind of attention installed in your house.
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The Tongue says 'Live girls willing to do whatever your twisted mind desires'


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Porn Niches: Amateur, Cams, Exclusive, Personals
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Preview: VoD
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DRM: Not Used
Fresh Porn: Daily
Download: Unlimited
Dial-Up: HighSpeed Only
Adult Pics: Up To 100
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