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Warm Kiss
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Warm Kiss

(Reviewed: 01/08/2009)
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 Warm Kiss Preview
Warm Kiss takes you into a world as far away from studio porn as possible, while keeping the HD quality. The couples are real and passionate, the kisses are indeed warm. The only place you'd fine more real orgasms would be during coffee-break at a Sybian factory!

Warm Kiss Porn Review
Warm Kiss Free Preview
Warm Kiss Review
Warm Kiss touts itself as the source for real sex - and their crop of amateur couples certainly does come across as completely authentic. This is helped by the fact that, like the tour, the member's area of Warm Kiss just screams amateur. I'm half surprised we don't have any beveled buttons thrown in there - what you do have is one page to scroll through to see all of the content. Navigation - who needs navigation!

They don't even bother with individual pages for their videos and viewing options, so the interface is a bit messy and takes some getting used to but once you get past it, the porn movies they offer are definitely badass!

All of the latest videos are offered in HD, which is not something you commonly see on a non pro amateur porn site. They also offer a SD version, in case you are looking for something that downloads a bit faster than the 500 meg monstrosity that I am waiting on right now. Both SD and HD versions are in WMV, full scene downloads only, and they have no DRM.

Every one of the 18 videos are offered underneath a giant photo preview - seriously, these update pics are 984x553. Most of the amateur couples range from 18 - 23 years old. Now I did find one blatantly non amateur here - Alexa Von Tess - but the rest of the group could easily be first timers.

Along with the internal cumshot finishes, there are passionate lesbian scenes and a threesome to be had here. All of the videos are exclusive to Warm Kiss, and judging by the intro it looks like the people running the site are also shooting the content. That seems to be working out rather well.

The videos do retain that pure amateur feel, even though you get to watch them at 1440x1080 and 5.23 mbps (color me impressed). The one thing you'll notice right off the bat is that the fucking is worlds away from what you see from pornstars. There is a lot of genuine moaning, real orgasms, and even some giggling. I think too many people forget that sex is supposed to be fun, and not just full of 'oh baby get your 12 foot cock stuck in my hoohah' that your typical porno shows.

Once you scroll all the way to the bottom, you discover two other sections. The first is the photo gallery, hiding in the back and looking all coy, and the other is the Sex Ed section. I'm sure plenty of us could use some more ideas for bedroom antics, so this sounds especially interesting. A quick news blurb is also hidden down here - odd place for it, but hey - maybe they're distracted by all of the cum dripping?

The photo gallery is odd, to say the least. It's just one big gallery with about 60 photos in it, with a few photos per video. They aren't vidcaps - in fact, they are pretty nice looking shots at 1920x1080. However, there is one glaring issue - they are bmp. Most porn sites phased out .bmp files back in the early 90s. Give them props for putting something surprising in a porn site however, The Sex Ed section mostly talks about dick - from dick length to dick health. It's pretty much the same type of sex tips you can read in any magazine, but the extra effort is appreciated.

Although it's small in size, Warm Kiss has top notch quality and a passion in its action that's hard to find. With time, they are going to grow into a strong contender in the amateur porn field if they can keep up with the updates, which go out every 2 weeks.

Warm Kiss Summary
Warm Kiss is a bit small at this point, but the video quality is some of the best I've seen in any amateur porn site and the sex is hot enough to make The Tongue hump random objects around the room. With only a few issues such as the photo file weirdness and the lack of a more sophisticated navigation, Warm Kiss is close to being a great pornsite and already a very good amateur one!
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The Tongue says 'Very high quality real amateur porn!'


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Porn Niches: Amateur, Blondes, Creampie, HD, Reality
Membership: $14.95 Monthly
Cross Sales:
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DRM: Not Used
Fresh Porn: Every 2 Weeks
Download: Unlimited
Dial-Up: Optimized
Adult Pics: Up To 100
Porn Videos: 18
Video Size: 1,440 X 1,080
HD Porn
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