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Hentai Mania

(Review Updated: 09/10/2007) (Reviewed: 09/09/2007)
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 Hentai Mania Preview
Hentai Mania is what Hentai fans have been looking for in every little comic shop around the world for over a decade. A one stop shop where the greatest artists in the realm of cartoon sexuality come together to build a limitless library of images, videos and games from the hentai, manga and anime disciplines. There are a lot of very bad cartoon sites on the web, Hentai Mania is one of the few very good ones!

Hentai Mania Porn Review
Hentai Mania Free Preview
Hentai Mania Review
For a long time Tastebuds have been writing to TheTongue and asking for the best Anime, Hentai, Manga cartoon website on the net. After a lengthy search a few sites have been located that specialize in the growing world of animated sexuality. Hentai Mania is one of the very best.

Featuring nearly 3,500 complete picture sets by well known and highly praised artists, Hentai Mania is the online home of over 140,000 high-definition images from a variety of different artistic styles and content categories.

Along with all of those still-frame works, Hentai Mania also provides over 200 full length movies in clear 640x480 resolution from major and underground studios alike. Many of these movies are exclusive web property of Hentai Mania and will not be found anywhere else online!

As an important side note, the sound quality on the movies from Hentai Mania is also excellent. Many weaker websites offer movies with choppy, distorted and unclear sound for some reason... the quality of all of the content on this site is excellent and that includes sound quality.

Recently Hentai Mania expanded its collection to also include 100s of newer flash animations that are web specific. So, along with all the great content they have licensed from movie studios and artists, they are now starting to add more original web based works along with anime games and other bonus features.

The site itself has been in existence since the early 1990s and has done a masterful job of evolving its content collection over the years. Hentai Mania is priced a bit higher than most of its competitors but you will find it is worth the extra expense because it provides such a high quality and quantity of niche specific content.

The only minor flaw The Tongue found with the site is that the interface itself is not nearly as beautiful as the images provided by it. Everything works well and there is a quality search function as well, but it would have been nice to see the artwork of the interface itself be designed by someone as talented as the image and video creators.

Hentai Mania Summary
Overall, after looking at hundreds of horrible hentai sites, Hentai Mania stands tall at the top of the pile looking down on the others. Victorious in its battle to be the very best place to find Manga, Hentai and Anime online.
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Comment by hthtwa:rating: 100
12:12pm 12/28/2008
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The Tongue says '1,000s of images and videos featuring all the best illustrated sensuality anywhere online'


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Porn Niches: Anime, Exclusive, Extreme, Hardcore
Membership: $34.95 Monthly
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DRM: Not Used
Fresh Porn: Daily
Download: Unlimited
Dial-Up: Optimized
Adult Pics: Over 1,000
Porn Videos: 200
Video Size: 640 X 480
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