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Ethnic Pass
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Ethnic Pass

(Reviewed: 11/10/2006)
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 Ethnic Pass Preview
Ethnic Pass may well be the absolute best non-exclusive site ever assembled by any development team in the adult industry. If you want access to thousands of well produced videos and pictures of hot chicks from every ethnic background sorted by the best interface in the industry then this is the site for you!

Ethnic Pass Porn Review
Ethnic Pass Free Preview
Ethnic Pass Review
At the time we reviewed this website it already housed 875 complete DvDs worth of content. That is an incredible four thousand four hundred and fifty seven complete scenes! Take a moment and try to imagine just how much content that really is with each scene averaging 15 minutes of video.

Over 66,000 minutes of video! That means if you sat there and tried to watch every clip they offer it would take you over FORTY SIX DAYS to see it all and during that time they would have added another several days of new content.

The fact that Ethnic Pass offers so much content is a major blessing but it could also have been a curse as well. Having that much content available would have been a huge mess if Ethnic Pass did not also provide the most intuitive interface of any site we have seen so far. It is so simple and so quick to sift through the catalog and find the kind of smut you are looking for that you will feel like you have every last quivering chick at the tips of your fingers begging to be selected!

The site is a compilation of some of the best adult material produced over the past decade. It fills every ethnic niche from Asian to Indian to Zulu and back again. While you may have seen some of these clips on other sites at one time or another, there is no way you have seen even a small portion of the total amount offered.

No DRMs on any of the updates and various formats readilly available... if you want to build your own library of skin flinching smut this is the place to get started... and if you don't believe The Tongue, go ahead and sign-up for the $9.99 monthly access price! Yup, as a member of thetongue you get a discounted full access membership that lets you enjoy all this great smut for just $9.99 a month!

I defy anyone to spend 10 bucks on Ethnic Pass and come back here to post a comment of anything less than complete satisfaction!

Ethnic Pass Summary
At $9.99 for access to 66,000 minutes of video you are paying $0.00015 cents per minute of action. Do the math, Ethnic Pass is by far the best internet bang for your hard earned bucks!
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The Tongue says '$4.99 for 66,000 minutes of quality smut. This offer isn't going to be around forever!'


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This is a solo site and is not part of any membership group.
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Porn Niches: Discount Porn, Ebony, Hardcore, Interracial, PornStars
Discount Porn:
$14.95 Monthly
Cross Sales:
None help
DRM: Not Used
Fresh Porn: Daily
Download: Unlimited
Dial-Up: Optimized
Adult Pics: Over 1,000
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