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Device Bondage
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Device Bondage

(Reviewed: 12/19/2007)
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 Device Bondage Preview
Kink just got kinkier! Device Bondage is a masterwork produced by real bondage experts demonstrating their talents in some amazing ways with very pretty and willing submissives being brought to the threshold where pain becomes pleasure!

Device Bondage Porn Review
Device Bondage Free Preview
Device Bondage Review
Do you know what Spanish stirrups, iron cages, spreader bars, ball gags and four-point restraints are for? If you are getting aroused already then Device Bondage is a website custom crafted to suit your libido's specific cravings.

Pretty, young, submissive amateurs and a few willing adult starlets are put through their paces by expert Doms who understand their vital role in each scene. You won't here any giggling or idle chatter, every word... breath... and action is taken with a clearly defined purpose and a carefully reasoned intent.

If you take the tour of Device Bondage you will see that they are so proud of their work that they choose to hide nothing! The tour of the site is identical to the members area except that to download or watch movies you must join the site first. That level of transparency where they show you exactly what you get for signing up demonstrates their confidence that they are creating premier discipline videos for loyal denizens of their site and newcomers alike.

Since its first update back on Feb 20th of 2007, Device Bondage has updated with a cadre of new scenes aimed at calming the voracious appetite of S&M fetishists world wide. Now with 71 updates in their archives and new ones being added at least once a week and frequently more often than that, this site is growing at an amazing pace.

Scenes are offered in a few different formats ranging all the way up to 960x540 HD versions that look fantastic full screen on your monitor or your High-Def television if you port them to it. The scenes are not DRM coded so once you download them they are yours to keep in your own private collection for later viewing any time you like. As bondage aficionados already know, having your own collection of content is essential because when a site like this closes down or is required to dilute it's best material... your copies become rare works of art that can not be obtained anywhere else!

Each scene runs approximately 51 minutes in length. That is of great importance for a site like Device Bondage because so much of the roleplay is endurance based and having a sub worked for 51 minutes gives a much greater appreciation for poses and discipline than a short six minute clip could ever provide. Movies are offered in WMV, Real Player or MP4 and can easily be ported to DVD or iPods and other hand-held devices for kink wherever you wish to take it. Vids are also available streaming online which allows you to watch them without devoting any hard drive space and makes it nearly impossible to find out what videos you have been watching if a nosy roommate, coworker or spouse uses the same computer you do!

Each update is also accompanied by a complete set of digital still photographs displayed in 792x1200 resolution. You can even download complete image sets as zip files for fast and convenient access. The photos in some cases are even more intriguing than the videos because of their ability to capture rare emotional mutations that often get overlooked within the flow of a live action video scene.

Device Bondage also gives members access to replays of LIVE SHOWS! Some of these shows are hours long and are featured as high-definition without any pauses in the action. Filmed exactly as it happens, these scenes are worth the price of admission all by themselves! There is also one live monthly show where members can make requests and communicate with the dungeon crew as the scene unfolds!

One complaint you will see on other review sites is that Device Bondage 'costs too much' because it has a price tag of $55.00 a month. Nonsense! First of all, this is the absolute best bondage site on the planet and the amount of prep work put into each scene is not cheap. It is obvious from watching these movies that they are putting a high percentage of membership revenue right back into the making of the next scene. Secondly, with options of a 3 month membership for $99.00, or a 6 month membership for $156.00 bondage fans can join the site for as little as $26.00 per month overall. This is a site The Tongue believes will still be entertaining you at least six months from after you join. So, sign-up for a longer membership and save more than half the monthly fee.

Device Bondage Summary
You have never seen a website like Device Bondage before. If you are turned off my S&M do not join this site, it will damage your mind. However, if you have long been waiting for someone to "do BDSM the right way" then this is a website that will have the tiny hairs on the back of your neck tingling and your fingers eagerly twitching as you reach for the newest update each time you login!
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The Tongue says 'Real, true handcrafted bondage scenes that will impress you as much as they arouse you!'


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Porn Niches: BDSM, Bondage, Exclusive, Extreme, HD, PornStars
Membership: $55.00 Monthly
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DRM: Not Used
Fresh Porn: Weekly
Download: Unlimited
Dial-Up: Optimized
Adult Pics: Over 1,000
Porn Videos: 71
Video Size: 960 X 540
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